YOLO SUNSETS 2X November 14, 2014

Up at another early hour, I got the news by the Net, as usual to start my day. Working on my website, I then went for breakfast. Doing some walking about town, I noted the return of the fog, and knew the forecast was for rain next Wednesday.

With a slight cessation of the many things to do, I thought of the coming weekend. Great to drive my car and use the miles between maintenance. I went for lunch, then took the car out on Interstate 80 westbound. It looked like a possible nice sunset, with hazy clouds. A good spot for me is the levee at the Vic Fazio Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area.

There was one car there. I parked with a window to the west, and placed my two cameras on the window sill of the car, balanced precariously, but safe enough in case of a fall from a joggle. The sunset was developing, and I set for time lapse. Listening to music as I waited, the sky and clouds failed to go big red. I went till it started to get dark, and the glory moment had passed.

My dash cam recorded faithfully as I motored in traffic back eastward. I’ll need to clear out the memory cards for another trip, as the next week looks good for more hiking and camera work.

Driving maybe 20 miles, I captured 6 images and movie clips (61.5 MB, 720p HD, 3:01) on the drive, with a few of the food, today. Not hiking a foot out of the car, I walked some 4 miles about town by my app, with a flight of stairs. Not spending a cent on the driving aside from using gas, I spent small amounts on the food for the afternoon. I got groceries, too, and hope to have some energy to go out further this night.