Hoping to test out some new hardware, I opted to take a short road trip. My plans to cruise the Continental Divide, and then to see the Colorado fall colors, or even New England, and even more, a thought of Japan, were defeated by my inability to get anyone to watch things at home. With some interest in seeing more of the scenic planet, it seems that some people don’t like a bit of it.

I dined O.K. for my time spent about home, though frugality is a necessity. Tech helps in that, with consumer-minded businesses fully supportive, there. One of my new devices had some issue, behaving as if inoperative at times. Lucky to have the best help there from the manufacturer. From now on, my hiking and climbing and all will be tracked and measured, by what cost plenty in the past. And if wished, all the sights ahead of me while motoring along can be recorded and saved to memory, although not as good as I had expected. More betterment for those so enabled is forthcoming, with zero emissions vehicles, a solar powered home, and will I be wanting it all!

Figuring on a road trip to the Eastern Sierra, then a truncated circumnav of the Sierra Nevada, I was limited in my time out. My car hasn’t been driven much this year, with mainly only the road trip to New Mexico. Nobody to climb, hike, or ski, and carpool! I made some offers on the Net to likely people, but no takers, not even for money.

So, driving out for gas, then a detour to get onto Interstate 5 north, I enjoyed using my newest cam device, mounted on my windshield. Wondering about privacy laws, there is surveillance everywhere, so I don’t figure to be singled out. My intent is to share the scenic beauty, and to protect all involved, should my cam capture an accident. There is software to blur license plates and people, but for now, I plan to stick to editing and avoiding people getting in front of my car too much.

With some coupons and codes to redeem for bargain tech, I stopped for a quick shopping visit to a long supported store. I had stopped subscriptions to other venues, but that may restart shortly. Digital is enjoyed plenty by me, not to be scorned and hated. When I was in school, I attempted to explain the idea of 1’s and zeros to other students, but was solemnly rejected. Along with a refusal of quantum mechanics, general science, and more, children seemed to rather prefer drugs, pollution, vice, and welfare.

Motoring eastbound now on Interstate 80, I made good time on a Sunday morning. Having reservations for lodging, I was secure with my comfort and economy. The days when we’d pull off the road, throw out our pads and bags, and sleep in the pine needles and under the trees! Stopping for drink, and a rest break, I was to take many of those, all using a facility. Aside from extreme poverty and hate for the environment, there is no good reason to have to pollute.

My cam did fine on the way up the freeway, and I disdained my usual photo stops and old ways. Taking the exit to Big Bend, I found that the old ranger station was now a fire station. They are building a new center, so I hope that it will be good! The Loch Leven Lakes trailhead allowed for a fast pit stop.

Fall colors soon presented themselves, and then I came to the Donner Summit rest area. To try out some new tech, I’d do the Glacier Meadows Trail. Two other people seemed to have a similar idea. I took photos and video as I made the loop, with no bugs, excellent color, and ideal weather. Back to the highway, I used the facility, and motored on.

Seeking to visit the new ranger station in Truckee, I took the CA 89 exit and motored about to find it was closed. It had a nice view of the town, but then, it was onwards to Reno, NV. The enviro clothing store had some deals, and I need new things, and the help was a bit more receptive and assisting. Buying two items, there may be a sale in time, so I’ll save that till later.

Beelining to my hotel check-in, I got my room on the 23rd floor. Amazed at the upgrades, they now have a big screen smart TV. I wasted a lot of time trying to figure it out without consulting any manual. There are settings or what that defeated my aims. Giving up for then, I took a shower, washed my hair, and got to my portable computer. Fine dining completed my day, with a dusk video moonrise from my window.

Waking up later on Monday, I occupied myself online. A nice breakfast, then dealing with various things, took most of the morning. Having been looking for a new home, being that my current residence now pulled some services, along with new terms, and that it makes better sense to own versus renting, I had a showing for the afternoon.

After some time online, I motored off to head for the property. Out in the country, but not out of the city. It was very attractive, and I’d buy immediately if the price was right. With my new home, I’ll have charging for my new electric car, and trailheads to high peaks within minutes. A big shopping spree is in store for the best buys of things that I have been waiting to stock my new home with. 4K TV, furnishings deluxe, and the environment supported in full. I had abstained from real estate in the past, due to the destruction to the forests, and other enviro concerns. Well, like bus and mass transit, the home is built, and the habitat is already taken. There is responsibility, too, but I am older and wiser. Good fund management has enabled me to obtain a loan, with low interest rates. Instead of being a casino-run town, Reno is more geared to retirees. Tech seems to like the climate and surroundings, too.

Motoring back into town, I thought of doing another short hike. Huffaker Hills fit that bill. Coming to the trailhead, it was near empty. I set my new hiking app, used the outhouse, then started out. Usually my time to the top of Twin Peaks (4,851’) is 20 minutes, but I stopped for photos. Gorgeous weather! Nothing much new, so I topped out and tried a new photo app. It doesn’t work well when I pan in my usual handheld fashion. Doing some panoramas, my telephoto lens made for capturing the urban sights, and then it was to ascend the secondary hill, to fail to find any new trail, there. Hiking cross-country back to the hill trail, I didn’t notice any ticks or snakes. Terrible to be injured or killed for as good as it looks for me, now!

Some youths sat in their car as I returned, as it is a nice place to enjoy. Motoring back to my hotel, I washed up, to tend to some business. Setting my video capture for the dusk and moonrise, I had another fine dining venue. Tired, I went to bed.

Tuesday, I was up at about 2:30 a.m. The maid had brought me more packets for the in-room coffee maker, along with new towels, and adhering to my “do not disturb” request. Looking at the ops and information online, I canceled my road trip, instead to drive over Carson Pass. Hope Valley was stated to be at peak. Instead of many more gallons of fuel used, I’d keep it to one tank, round trip.

Taking my time, I’d get home to share with the world, the colors of the Northern Sierra. I’d have some of my posts up this night. I packed up my things, and checked out. Gambling at cards, I lost $20. Setting my video capture, I motored about Downtown Reno, having some problems with my cam suction cup. Finally figuring that out, I drove under the Reno Arch, then onto the Interstate.

Heading south on I-580 and U.S. 395, the dawn lighted up the sky ahead. I had to make quick stops to avoid being distracted while driving, to tend to my cam issues, thankfully without any problems. Businesses with restrooms added to my convenience. With maybe 8 hours total of driving, this would be a test of capturing all the sights ahead, in fair HD video, although with some editing issues, for now. I have new and modern storage, that can be used to enable any interested to see as I drive, given a fast connection. In time, perhaps, my sights ahead will be shared as I drive, with real time viewing, without any delay except for processing speeds.

Taking Highway 88, I stopped to set another camera, as I like corrected color. The sights ahead of the Northern Sierra were routine, and traffic was busy for this morning. Coming to Woodfords, CA, the colors weren’t as good as they said, although the light wasn’t dramatic. Cyclists were pedaling along, and then I stopped at the rustic resort, where I enjoyed breakfast. I’ve seen better, but it will do.

Figuring on exercise after my computer work, I motored on home. With so many of the peaks so many times, I’ll spend my time on the finest technology. Coming to Placerville, CA, I sought to get my Golden Age Pass. Discovering speaking directions for precise navigation, I wandered a bit enjoying the roads, then stopped to ask some firefighters to get directions. Fighting the King Fire, they hailed from all over the country. I thanked them for their service, and motored to the Forest headquarters to get my pass, good for so many things. Who is going to get free entry to so many parks, and monuments, and special places, for maybe the next 40 years!

Coming to town, I motored straight home, and carried in my things. I got to my downloads and unpacking, which don’t take long for such a short trip.

Doing 2.5 miles of trails, my various apps reported far more. I had to test out a barometer on stairs, with inaccurate results. Hopefully software updates will cure the problems, or maybe I’ll get smarter in using these things. My gain was about 500 feet, and my driving was 393 miles. Spending about 217 dollars cash, the lodging came to about 95 total. I tried to tip as generously as I can afford, although some overweight, unsightly person had asked to sit at my table to read a book, at one place. Shopping for clothing came to about 25 dollars, and tech items additionally ran almost “three.” Capturing 602 images and movie clips, some of those were of the property.