Stricken by weakness, fatigue, and extreme tiredness, with aches, stiffness, and pains, I had to stop even my minimal daily exercise for a few days. I sought medical help, but seem to have poor resolution, there. Having my tests, it came up negative for Lyme disease, as my old peak buddy had suggested. I check myself for bites, but they say that you may not know if you have been bitten, and the ticks are so small that they cannot be seen, and you can miss seeing the tell-tale rash. Not hearing back yet for West Nile virus, I have been bitten by mosquitoes, but I am aware that I do get demoralized when I don’t hike, travel, or go out often.

My Thousand Peaks Club failed to come up with a single hiker for anything. Other groups seem to have better success, but I guess my many offers aren’t seen, or are disbelieved as too good to be true. It appears to have been smart not to spend on a new super computer, as few or none seem very interested in hiking as far as my webwork.

One day, I somehow thought to try ibuprofen and Tums for relief, and was able to do some catch-up on my old photos and webwork. That then stopped working for a burst of energy, but I rested, and was able to enjoy life a bit, albeit mostly from bed.

So, this Monday holiday, I woke up at a decent hour, with a bit more energy. I ate plenty of food, hoping for a hike to do. About Noon, I took another ibuprofen pill and and two Tums, to see if that would help. With little else to do but sleep, I dragged myself up and walked over to the light rail station, to start my hike from the Hazel Avenue station at 2:15 p.m.

Wisely, I had saved this portion of my Lake Natoma Loop to complete for my 33X with this half way hike. It is about 5 miles to do, with a couple good bail-out points to catch the train home. If I couldn’t do this, something must be seriously wrong. I have no fever or chills, and had my flu shot, and I have been speaking with a doctor, staff, and the hot line nurse. I am aging, but my 87 year old peak buddy is doing better than I am, by him, right now.

Walking over the pedestrian bridge on U.S. 50, I came to the bike trail. Heading counterclockwise, my usual loop direction, my spirits were lifted by the scenic, natural sights. Pine trees, dirt trails, and the sounds of geese. I shortly was feeling O.K. enough to not bail out by going to the nearby light rail station only a mile into the hike. I started to shoot lots of photos, and then felt alright to complete this short hike. I could hear the mountain bikers coming from behind to step aside, without my music player on. There were other hikers, too. The trails were mostly dry, with a few muddy spots, of which I snapped photos as I once did for my records.

It was fun to do video, and I managed to do a couple self videos to relate my experiences if anyone were listening. It may be novel for future reference, to see how badly that I had felt, hopefully to recover in full. At Willow Creek, I knocked on a restroom door, which didn’t lock shut, then opened it to find a cyclist inside, who had said nothing. I waited, and finally used it when the man left.

Continuing on, the sun was behind thin clouds. The diffuse light was fine for photos, and I do enjoy editing movies more than most all, being that it is the best sharing. While there is CGI, photoshopping is common and much easier with still photos, and few, by me, would spend the thousands or time necessary for a grand deception by Full HD. I slowed as there was a hiker with a loose dog, and I didn’t wish any problems. Bikers and other hikers went by, and I took out my pepper spray in case the dog went berserk and ran for me. Gratefully, I sat at a table, and the hiker backtracked with the loose dog, which came by but didn’t attack.

I had passed the tree with nailed wooden steps and rope that marks for me the point whereby I timed it as 25 minutes to the end of my loop. I stopped for more video, and then in some adventure, followed what seemed to be a new trail, then came to new tables and wooden walkways. I passed under the Folsom Crossing bridge, new for me, and then to steps which led up to the hotel there. Amazing! Passing by the eateries, I came to the parking garage, and used the restroom.

In time for the train, I paid the fare, and boarded. Nice to be able to do some hiking, again! Riding on home, I hope to improve from my poor situation, and go on with my active hiking life. I know there is eventually an end to peak bagging for everyone, but I wished to do this up to 90 years old, God willing.

Doing then 5 miles, I captured 127 images and movie clips (195.9 MB, 720p HD, 9:41). Spending only $5 for the fare, I never drove my car, or ate at any restaurants.

It is more accepted now that there is climate change, but still they say most people do not believe it, or refuse to accept it to try to reduce their own carbon emissions. I have converted to LED lights in my home, and my latest electronics also get incredible efficiency. I’d be solar but for that my lease does not permit that. I have plans for more bus travel, but do plan to use my 40 mpg, sparingly.

But for the old hiking club rules, I’d enjoy carpooling as I once had it, with fuel efficiency to be shared with many happy hikers, climbers, and skiers. But by them, then, it’d be better with no extra weight, so it goes. While by my cars, a full load meant only a slight increase in fuel consumption, far less than say each solo driving in four or more cars, the old hiking club is not going to change. That people would rather stay home or go their own ways with their own driving, I can see why. There were their unpleasant manners, and rude behavior. While I could endure certain hardships, slight inconvenience, and some discomfort, it is not for other hikers!