LAKE NATOMA WALK January 20, 2014

With no takers for my Wyoming peak ski proposed for my Thousand Peaks Club, even from the supposed wilderness skiers with the old hiking club, with incentives, I’d move on and to other things. Feeling weaker and tired lately, I enjoyed a sumptuous breakfast to gain some energy. I had been working on movies from my 2013 summer road trip, uploading them to the moment that I left for this trip. About 10 a.m., I figured to see if anyone would be following messages sent on announcing an activity, and put this short walk online. Waiting awhile, I’d get no response at all, typical as this is with short notice.

Taking the Gold Line eastbound, I debarked at Historic Folsom station to use the restroom, and snap a few photos along Sutter Street. Arriving to the old historic truss bridge, I had set this bridge as the meeting place at 12 noon. There were some people, but none of them approached me. I didn’t ask them about a hike, as I had no reply or reservation made. Waiting to 12:15 p.m., anyway, I headed on.

Advertising a leisure pace, I strolled on counterclockwise about the lake, hoping that someone might come forward. I don’t know how many people might view this. Plenty of cyclists and other users. I had enabled my messaging so if anyone had replied, I would get a e-mail. Checking a few times, I figured that no one was interested, so walked on. I did some video and photos, as the cliffs and lake are fine subjects. Geese on the waters.

The bump at about the 25.5 mile mark made for some views, and I wonder why no one comes forward with my idea of some proof that anyone actually summits any peak, viewable remotely by the Net. Registers and Net posts seem now the realm of phoniness, with claims of accomplishments retroactively that seem quite dubious. Why people would want to claim summiting and not leave any trace in the registers is beyond me.

Walking on, I sought to stick to the left shoulder, avoiding dogs, all on leashes. Soon, the miles went by, and I was to the Hazel Avenue Bridge. The Nimbus Fish Hatchery made for a quick visit, to use some time. I decided not to do the full circumnav, happy with just a half circle, to be completed later. There’d be things to see here to mid-February.

The fast food nearby made for a food and drink break, then I timed my arrival over U.S. 50 to the light rail station well enough.

Walking then about 6 miles, I captured 86 images and movie clips (78.4 MB, 3:50). Paying the $5 round trip fare, I spent a bit over 2 for the sandwich and light lemonade.

There looks to be a few sign-ups for the Thousand Peaks Club, but only once has anyone actually spoken or messaged me. I guess this has to gather some steam, and what people must want are a lot of hikers to climb with, and some notice perhaps well ahead of time, I don’t know. I liked it that someone phoned me for a hike that day, when anyone would ever do that, and someday, with hundreds signed up, perhaps, one or two may respond.