LA PORTE, CA October 20, 2014

Seeking to do some more little adventures, I continued to dine O.K., and do some walking about town, seeing some sights. This Monday, there was a big software update op that might possibly fix an issue with my barometer. Not taking too long with multiple devices to do, I shortly decided to do something this day. The weather forecast was for rain, but it was to clear in the late afternoon. Looking at the future forecast, I saw that yellow on Doppler was indicated for the La Porte, CA, area, and that might wipe out what fall colors.

After a breakfast burrito, I took off at about 12:45 p.m. Taking Interstate 5 north, to Highway U.S. 99, I took the CA 70 turnoff. Stopping to wash my windshield in Marysville, CA, I had restroom breaks with diet sodas. Turning left on the Loma Rico Road, I enjoyed cruising through the fields and farms, with rural scenery, and darkening skies ahead. Coming to the Brownsville Road, I headed northward, and stopped in Brownsville for a break and drink, but the attendant was slow, with people in line. I offered to pay a dollar for using the restroom, but the girl declined. My dash cam had been running, but it isn’t too good for color, and appears mediocre compared to my point-and-shoots.

Rain was imminent or ongoing. I had to rush, since I wished to get a good record of the fall colors that line the Quincy-La Porte Road. As I got eastward, the rain ceased, and I was pleased at the clean views, and the dogwood and maples. It may have been better with sun, but the expected downpour might be good for drama. I hoped that the movies would turn out fine, and I had been better at making sure that the lens did not zoom out inadvertently. Haste makes waste!

With then two cameras rolling, I finally came to La Porte, CA. I parked at the Union Hotel, which was closed. I strolled about a short ways, taking photos and video, with a few hundred yards to hike. Historic sites aplenty. A business was open for a restroom and soda, but I had eaten here before, and it wasn’t worth a meal.

Going back to my car, I set my cameras, and figured on heading back home. I had brought along extra gear for a possible trip to Reno, but I’d be spending more money, and I need to refrain from heavy dining. It began to rain more, and I had my wipers running. Hoping for some impressive weather event, it did rain moderately at one point, but nothing much to record or to show. Stopping past Clipper Mills to change a battery, I declined any food stop, and came back to Brownsville, CA, to the same grocery store to use the same restroom. This time, I got some drink, and motored on. For fear of some disturbance, I didn’t use my good camera to record the drive back to Marysville.

There were nice clouds and sun, but I detoured into the old part of town, looking for a light meal op. Instead, I returned to the freeway, and headed on home. Shame that the dash cam is so low quality compared to my other cameras, but I guess it is meant for accidents. With low light, the videos turned out poorly, and serve only as a dismal record. The colors hadn’t been very spectacular, and though the initial idea of a short road trip was a wash, I didn’t overeat, and didn’t have any accidents.

I spent about $6 for drink, and drove 204 miles. I had gotten gas beforehand at 3.199, using maybe 5 gallons. Capturing 49 images, I walked only a few hundred yards, then about La Porte, and perhaps a mile in town.

With the early rains compared to other years, perhaps we will have a drought breaker. I’m anticipating getting back to backcountry skiing. I’m liking the best of the tech world, with better than ever, and may never need to have to go read a paper newspaper again. My short term outlook appears good for optimism, and I await the op for a late fall road trip. Though the weather appears less good for video and photography, it has been a long time since I have bagged any desert peak. Depending on the weather, it may be a banner season for peak hiking and travel, but overseas, or other parts of the country, now seem inviting!