Well, my lifelong distant dream had come true. I now own property, and am through renting. Enabled for guests, and my money going not to landlords but myself, I can hardly believe this is true! Being mostly a travel and peak bum all of my life, I have now come to wealth and responsibility. Though there is no one to help share, or to help at all!

Busy with move out and processings, it took all of my time. I can't thank enough all of the highly professional assist, though all were paid. I was able to do dash cam videos as I motored along Interstate 80, both ways. I didn't have time further for my daily walks, and had to abstain from my usual exercise. Though I got plenty of work, with large items to have to move, and shuttling to have to do. No one will even assist by buying old items better sold than moved, and there was nobody to take free giveaways! I placed ads in the online paper, with zero response. Still in need of transport for large items, and my three bins full of storage, I am willing to pay generously. Though I cannot afford millions or even close for what loss, injury, or death that may be incurred.

There were time consuming delays, but I managed to enjoy fine dining. I like it that I can stay connected, with my devices, and mobile access. With convenience, I can do things online that would normally take days in the past.

With perhaps 7 trips along the Interstate in this time period, I had two memory card failures. Luckily, two more memory cards retained their usefulness, and though I perhaps lost or overwrote some video, most of it was saved. Spending a lot in cash, I am enabled with funding, and was never at much of a loss for money. My investments have returned nicely, and though my millionaire buddies snub me, I am doing better, tech wise, than they are! Missing most of my TV news, I kept informed by the Net and had time to enjoy my music. On Friday, the 19th, I went to the cinema to view the first showing of the movie about the backpack of the Pacific Crest Trail. I had commenced with online ticket purchase for my first time. There were online ops to chat with the author of the book, but I missed them all, being too busy. Priorities first!

Making posts of my dash cam video to my Facebook Thousand Peaks Club page, I shared them with another group. Only a couple to ever like. I managed some video chat with some interested party, but he didn't seem real interested in teaming up. Nearly falling asleep on some of my driving, I didn't hit anything, but certainly was veering. It all went safely and successfully, and I thank my stars that nothing yet ended in disaster. On the 30th, I ended my renting, and timed it so I will become a new resident in a new state on the start of the new year. Updating my contact info, all easily done online, I can hardly imagine my moron buddy who refuses all of it. For him, in the past, it's three hour waits in line at the bank, every other week, and never online shopping and deliveries, not full advantage of the economic boom ongoing, and other items which I guess in older age, he doesn't care about!

I maybe will have to regress to fast food and regular groceries, instead of the best food choices and ops locally, being that most of it is not supported at my new location. Not yet exploring on foot in my new neighborhood, the locals have been friendly enough, and diversity is supported. The realtor said that it wasn't the best area, but I am where I can step out my door, and climb up a peak to see Mt. Shasta! There is fresh snow outside as I write this, and I'm not sure about the legality of reposting what I have posted on Facebook, as they did reject a video with what I presumed was royalty free music.

Having driven over 1,500 miles, I walked only a mile or two in this time period, though I did a lot of moving items and packing and restacking. Apartment clean up took some energy too. Capturing some 400 images and movie clips, I never had spent so much money in such a short time. Though it now goes into equity, and I am told of perhaps a 7% return in the next year!