Greeting the new year asleep, I awoke early to update my website, and to catch up with some computer work. Having unusually low energy levels, I decided to remedy that by going out for a good breakfast. Relaxing at home, I decided it was a waste of good, dry weather to not be hiking.

Obtaining information from the Net, I left home at 3 p.m. Taking Interstate 5 north, I crossed over the Sacramento River Bridge to take the first exit to the Old River Road. Following my directions, I took Road 117 to Road 16, which turned to washboard gravel. It topped out on a levee where the directions said to park. Gates blocked further auto travel, so I prepared my things for a hike.

Sauntering north on the levee road, I soon caught sight of some majestic birds. I had my telephoto lens to capture them in flight. I started with some video of myself, as I usually will do, as it is my fun. Looking at my map, I saw that it wasn't far to where the levee road intersects the Sacramento River. Pressed a bit on time, I hurried along, and came to another couple of gates in about 20 minutes. Further north was private property. The weir comes up to the levee here, and there was a dirt road that went where the directions said to hike. I took some pictures, then decided that I had time to check it out.

There wasn’t much wildlife to see, but the dirt road was nice for hiking. It looks to run into the western approach to the area, but I didn’t have the time to go all of the way. It looked that the road ran near the river shore ahead, so I ventured on to where I presumed that was. The grassy terrain didn’t suit me for hiking across it much. I saw a culvert that ran over towards the Sacramento River, so I decided to head the couple hundred feet over to the river shore. I heard shots from a probable rifle, so didn’t tarry long. I came to a small bluff whereby I gained a view of the shallow river. I took some photos, then hurried back to the car.

The sun was setting, and jets flew over to the north, coming in for a landing at the airport. I came back to the levee road, and enjoyed the scene. The Coast Range was highlighted by the setting sun, and I thought that if I knew which peaks were which, I could see Fiske, Bump 1,475’, and Bump 1,580+’, at Cold Canyon. I snapped photos of the sunset, and hiked back on south toward my car. This would have been a magical moment for the old hiking club evening hikes. Even romantic.

Back to my car, I was glad that I had my bottle. No facilities about. Motoring back to the main road, I drove back to the Interstate, and with a slight error, got back southbound onto the freeway. If I had been hungry, I might have gone to Woodland for a dining experience, but I returned to town, and purchased a pastrami sandwich by a drive-thru.

Doing then some 3 miles of hiking, I drove 48 miles. I captured 184 images and movie clips (37.4 MB, 720p HD, 1:54). Spent only 15.25 for the food, and used maybe slightly over 1 gallon of fuel.

On review, 2013 had been a comeback year, with 26 peaks. My in-town walking had suffered, though, with only about 850 miles done. My out-of-town hiking totaled 270 miles with 41,500 feet of gain. I had driven 11,124 miles on trips, with over 4,150 additional miles traveled by bus or train. Paying $1,200.61 for 329.571 gallons of gas over 2013, I used most of it on driving for hiking. I ran my car 12,365 miles in the year. There was no one to carpool or take a ride.

Having large tech expenses, I can only say safety is served, as I can alert rescue staff of my needs and presence, and to assist others should the occasion arise. The end to this website was delayed till later, and maybe it will get better. Perhaps I can yet regain my speed and slim being, and share the adventures with partners.