FAIR OAKS BLUFF AND MORE September 29, 2014

With plenty to do this week, I took care of some business. My webwork continues to be backlogged, and although I would be willing to pay for work fairly, there is no affordable wage and benefits for a person to trust with my site, aside from dispensing big money. My old peak buddy wastes gas and time keeping to his 1950’s ways, and considered by the old hiking club to be the smartest guy, persists in his moronics daily.

With the mountain snows coming, I sought to make some more web offers for hiking partners. Lukewarm reception. So, to be getting exercise and doing webwork, I headed out on the light rail to a distant station to transfer to a city bus. Making a quick stop enroute for an early lunch, I was pleased to have my nice discount day pass so I can ride pretty much at will for the day.

Coming to Fair Oaks, CA, and Bridge Street, I took my usual walk down the tree lined street to the Fair Oaks Bluff. Other users stood about the overhanging tree, but I did my photos and video, Then, I hiked down to the street to snap photos again of the interpretive signs. Geese could be seen from the old bridge. I used the restroom, and then wandered to the boat ramp where geese seemed to be fed by a child with an adult.

Using dirt side trails, I hiked eastward, then came back to the paved bike trail. I sought to hike the nice riverbank where the sight of the Hazel Avenue Bridge is seen. Birds made for nice video, as they weren’t scared away as with other places. I saw no spawning salmon, as I guess that it is still way too early for that. Back onto the paved bike trail, I keep close track of the time. I had the bus schedules in my memory, and long waits due to ignorance is inexcusable, now. Drinking water out of a faucet at the turnoff for the fish hatchery, I declined a visit, and sauntered on to cross over Hazel Avenue.

Interested more in getting back into town, I hurried along the bike trail and took the side trail over the freeway to Folsom Boulevard. Five minutes away is the light rail station, where a workman seemed to be installing a surveillance camera. Offering arrival times to an asking stranger, I boarded the train, and rode to downtown where I debarked to have an ice cream sandwich.

The walking distance from the Fair Oaks bus stop to the Hazel train station was given by my Net map as 4 miles, but my app said 5.59 miles for the time out. I did do more walking getting to the stations and back, but either it counts steps that I normally wouldn’t, being that I tend to wander a bit, and that I have always discounted distances that weren’t part of the hike proper, or isn't perfectly precise. With no time yet to see if it can be tested as a car odometer, I'll keep track of my miles by maps. Capturing 212 images and movie clips (171.3 MB, 720p HD, 8:32), I spent $3 for the pass, then 4.88 plus a dollar tip for the dessert treat. Lunch was 7.37, organic and tasty.