Recovering slowly from a possible bad pharmaceutical interaction, I awoke at a decent hour this Thursday morning. Going for a walk, I had some food, and then motored south on Interstate 5 after the Noon hour. It was just too good weather not to be hiking, and if no one comes forward to climb any peaks with me, I’m going to make plans, regardless. Carpools save gas and the environment, by me, and it used to be fun to team up and travel to far places that weren’t so economical for a solo driver.

My intent was to do some light hiking at Cosumnes River Preserve. Arriving to the visitor center parking lot at about 1:50 p.m., it was full. I waited for a few minutes, as it appeared that some cars might be soon leaving, but I had to leave. Motoring back north to the boardwalk parking lot, I used the restroom and started walking back towards the visitor center by about 2:05 p.m.

There was still the log with the turtles, and I took photos with video. A fair number of birds about, and the trails were all dry. I happened by the building, and took a photo of the sightings board. The door was locked, so I went on to the trails. Over the bridge, I headed right and shortly came to the dead end side trail, where I encountered a large school group. I went over to the view of the river, as the group went the way that I normally would have gone, but I sought to avoid this group, wishing some solitude.

I wanted to do the two riparian forest loops on either side of the railroad tracks. I quickly did the eastern one, doing video and enjoying the short hike. I came back to the western loop with the group there, and did that loop alone as well. Going by the clock, I headed back to the visitor center with some of the school group strolling back the same way. They must have been why the parking lot was so full.

Getting back to the sidewalk along the highway, I walked back to the boardwalk lot, and had to use the restroom again. Finished then at about 3:50 p.m., I motored back to the Interstate heading north, and exited to do some shopping before coming back home.

Doing then about 4 miles at the preserve, I captured 106 images and movie clips (80.7 MB, 720p HD, 4:00). My drive was 51 miles and I spent only for shopping groceries.

There were many ducks and geese, coots, with a big bird of some sort, then squirrels aplenty. Numerous bugs, but I didn't see any ticks or been bitten by any agressive mosquitoes. Sumac, tons of tall green poison oak, oak trees, goldfields with some other wildflowers, and vast fields of green grasses, along with the variety of species found here.

Having to lose weight, I seek to have a fine time hiking, with exercise, traveling, and enjoying, dining healthy, and being safe. Putting my offers to my Meetup group, it seems none wish to chat or communicate for any activities. While hikers look to be paying for other groups, I assume there is just no interest even with incentives to climb, with, for one, my 3 to 4 seats available for rides in my highly fuel efficient transport.