Staying up late, and getting up early, to enable the world to view what I have done, the day before, may invoke some question of sound mind, but it is my fun and hobby. I spent my money online, to gain some new hardware to assist me in my tech pursuit. Going for breakfast, I attempted to use a new payment method, but as this is new for the world, I didn’t get to do it, as I found later, the method is not supported by my bank. Finding too, that my barometer still doesn’t work, it looked to be a frustrating day.

I left home at about 1:30 p.m., to take Interstate 5 southbound. I’d head for the Cosumnes River Preserve, to do some light hiking and photography. Starting to become forgetful, I didn’t load my memory cards into my dash cam, though there was nothing to say that it wasn’t saving to memory. Nothing much to record, anyway.

Getting to the Preserve boardwalk, I carried my pack and things, and started with some capturing the sights of the few wildlife. Strolling out to the end, I did some self-video, urging any interested to join me. With a few more video clips, I returned to the parking area to use my telephoto.

Driving over to the visitor center, I used the restroom, and saw no one attending the desk. I took a few photos, and went for a short hike. Going over the iron bridge, I took the trail south, to the open pond that was merry with singing birds. A train passed by, so then I returned to the visitor center, and started home.

Going to the supermarket, I got plenty of liquids, and then to the organic food center for some more groceries. Home after three hours out, I took a shower, and got to the computers. My apps stated much more distance walked than my calculations, about a mile of walking at the Preserve. I captured 73 images and movie clips (57.1 MB, 720p HD, 2:51). Driving 51 miles, I spent about $50 on food for the day, mainly groceries.