With some advice from the doctors, I stopped taking one pill to combat my tiredness. No one has found exactly why I have this issue, but I sought to try to get active on this Monday, with rain coming and a nice high of 74 degrees forecast. I had plenty of rest, but am lagging on my daily exercise, and getting nowhere on weight loss.

Sleeping late now, I woke up and got to my computer. Enjoying helping other peak climbers when help is asked, I left home after Noon, and stopped at a local fast food for a sandwich. Motoring south on Interstate 5, I took the Hood-Franklin Road Exit to head west and to the Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge. There by about 2 p.m., I parked and began to stroll on the premises, me being the only user. Workers did some maintenance, and a helicopter sprayed the fields closer to the freeway. This made for video, and then I captured sights of the red-winged blackbirds. Not staying long, I took off and continued south on the Interstate.

Taking the Twin Cities Road Exit and heading east, I turned south on old Franklin Road and shortly came to the turnoff for the boardwalk parking lot. There were a fair number of birds, and I recorded the sights and sounds. Hiking over the wooden planks to the end of the boardwalk, this made for about a half mile walk. A lady pointed out the location where several turtles laid on a log, so I did some photos and video, a rare sight.

Motoring then over to the visitor center, I took the concrete trail north to the blue oak forest, and added another half mile to my day. The sound of frogs allowed for recording, then I walked back to the visitor center where poppies bloomed by the gardens. There were bugs about and also mosquitoes, but I wasn’t attacked.

Spending then about two hours out here, I headed back north on the Interstate. It would be nice to drive on south towards Los Angeles if it would help with my hiking and health. I did some grocery shopping with a light meal and came home after about four hours out.

Walking about two miles, I captured 131 images and movie clips (124.3 MB, 720p HD, 5:59). Driving 56 miles, I spent only for food and groceries. It was warm wearing a light hoody and jeans, but I had wished protection against bugs. Diseases that normally wouldn’t occur here are said to spread northward by climate change. While I am aging and have problems caused by my weight, you need to be careful when it comes to hiking.