BEALS POINT 3X September 26, 2014

Inactive climbing for all summer due to business, emissions concerns, frugality, and more fun venues online, I rested up and maintained my health by walking locally. Purchasing and mostly using only $100 worth of gas over the calendar summer, that came to about 26 gallons. I was able to enjoy local dining, with healthy and sumptuous meals.

Cooler temperatures inspired me to start up my hiking and hopefully some good summiting to come, although even for pay, I am unable to find any partner. So, this Friday, with a good amount of food the night before, I resolved to do something. With a homemade sandwich for breakfast, I thought about what to do, and zero emissions appealed to me. I’d ride light rail out to Folsom, where window shopping is nice for photos.

Going to the train station, the cars came by a minute or two early, so I was unable to buy my ticket in time to get aboard. Going instead to do other things, I walked down the street to see some sights. The next train was due at 11:05 a.m., so I decided to head back and speaking with train security, determined that doing video out the window was O.K. Taking the Gold Line out to Historic Folsom, I managed to shoot some video, then, and enjoyed the floating clouds against the blue sky.

There were new things about Sutter Street. I wasn’t doing another circumnav, so could take more time. Using the restroom, I noted the window displays for the Halloween season already, but the eatery that I wished to support was crowded. Not hungry anyway, I walked over to the bike trail over the old truss bridge.

Onto the bike trail heading north, I’d note the sights, and asked some guy with his phone about getting a signal way out here. He replied that it was good, with some carrier other than the major ones. Later, some cyclist was chatting apparently on his phone with earbuds as he rode along. I took photos, and not too many users were riding about. Few fall colors. I spotted a coyote, coming to a side trail, and did some zoom video. It looked at me, then slowly sauntered off.

Bees on flowers and squirrels made for more video and photos, and the temperatures and weather was so good for Fall. I had stripped down to one light layer and jeans, and it began to get warmer. Shortly, I was coming to Beals Point State Park. I sought to record the low level of the lake, and managed a couple panoramas.

Going to a point normally at the water’s edge, I saw that it was a good hike to go to the water line, about a quarter mile away. I took photos of rocks and what else, then finally came to the shore. Doing my typical video selfie, as the old hiking club might even doubt that I was even alive, decades after I had run the best peak climbing ops ever for them, with their service awards going to people who have long since dropped out of outdoors, I liked being active. A helicopter flew overhead, and I shot video.

Hiking quickly back to the pavement at the park, I used the facility and drank water. Dehydration was said to have been a possible cause for some dizzy spells that I may have incurred. They are building a “second dam,” with signs to indicate that.

Back hiking south on the bike trail, I had seen no bus stops to speed up my return. I took more photos, and mindful of my time, came back to the truss bridge where a group was taking their own photos. Beelining then for the train station, I didn’t have time or appetite for dining, but drank more water out of a faucet.

The train was on time, and I managed a bit more video. Getting to my computer, then, I had shot 378 images and movie clips. Walking about 8 miles, with maybe 200 feet gain, I spent only $3 for the round trip ride, using a discount fare.

My round trip day pass allowed for another light rail ride this night. After some work on my website, I took the train out to the organic buffet for some dinner. It looks to be a new payment venue for the transit district, with a near field reader for ease of fares. About time that this town gets a modern system, though in spite of policing and all, plenty of fare evaders can be seen being processed at the various stops. Another good reason never to wish to move to this state!