UCD ARBORETUM April 6, 2013

Up at a fair hour this cloudy Saturday, I sought to drive my car the usual weekly minimum. I first drove to get a salad for lunch, then went back home. I did some research on what to do, and recalled a suggestion for a short walk. I looked at the maps for directions to get to the University of California at Davis Arboretum, and saw parking is free on weekends. The flowers were blooming about town, so I’d see how they were at this botanical marvel.

Taking Interstate 80 westbound, I took the UCD exit to follow some roads to a side street with parking signs. I looped back looking for a parking lot, but you park on the street. I had to read the signs thoroughly to make sure that I wouldn’t get a ticket or be towed, and sometimes you have to take some risk.

Nearby is the Shields Oak Grove, and I felt O.K. with many people strolling about, many taking pictures. A man pointed out a hummingbird, but it flitted away before I could do a video clip. I began capturing images of the flowers, and I remarked that it was a fine day for that.

Determined to do a three mile loop, I headed east along Putah Creek. Ducks made for videos, and I took pictures of the sights. There was the South American collection, then I was onto a bike trail. A side trip to some building made for a few photos. With more walking east, a garden of native plants made some photos, then I did video by the redwood grove. Sights of more ducks, and good audio capture occupied my time and memory. Passing through the flora from Australia, I then came to the east end of the arboretum, about downtown Davis. It is a short side walk to the renamed burger joint where in times long ago, we met in a primitive parking lot for carpools to club hikes.

Returning west on the creek walk, I passed by the redwoods again, then came to the East Asian Collection. Next was the Native American area, with inscribed rocks. It didn’t feel like much of a walk, and I dismissed it as too easy, initially, but I was ready for some food. Coming by the Mediterranean exhibits, I used a facility, and came back to my car, no ticket.

Back on the freeway eastbound, I took the Richards Boulevard Exit to head into downtown. I had found an eatery that seemed appealing. Seeking salmon before it gets to be GMO suspect, I parked and ambled over to the restaurant and had a special. Back to my car, I motored off and took the Interstate back home.

I walked then about 3 miles, and captured 398 images and movie clips (199.8 MB, 720p HD, 6:26). I spent about 11 dollars for food, and drove 36 miles.