SAN FRANCISCO BY BUS 5X September 3, 2013

Apprised of this once in a lifetime event, the opening of the new eastern span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, I sought to make plans. To take the economy bus with its elevated upper deck, I planned to do some video so that people can see what it looks like to drive over it. Enabled then with 720p HD video on my HDTV, I hope that other people can do the same to enjoy the sights.

Up at 5 a.m., this Tuesday morning, I did my usual news getting. I had made my online reservations the day before for a total round trip fare of $17.50. Seeking to get a good seat of the view ahead, my wish was granted, getting a front row seat. The bus took off on time, and I started with my video already. The sun was behind us, so I didn’t have as much of the annoying reflections in the window. I thought of old times with the former hiking club on our way to a hiking adventure in the Bay Area or on the Coast. Times sure have changed, but unfortunately, they have not. Except for the worst!

The sights went by, and I relaxed, listening to my music and being connected nicely, although somewhat slowly. My old peak buddy would have none of this, preferring instead to have his economy buffet meal, the same thing every day. Today, for a lot less, I’d get a real San Francisco treat!

The video ops flew by as we traveled with good speed. I sought to save some memory and battery power for later on. To the East Bay, we had to slow, as motorists were clogging the diamond lane. Soon though, we were coming to the Bay Bridge. I let my video run, although due to talkative passengers, I will have to mute the sound. Soon, we were over the bridge, and into San Francisco. Arriving to the destination terminal early, I was able to use the restroom.

I had over an hour to kill before making the return trip. Going for breakfast and coffee, I took my time. Nice to relax in the warm sun, listening to music and watching video, on my economy device. Over to the library to catch the local paper, I relaxed and took my time, some more. Time to head back to the bus terminal, I used the restroom, and did some more quick camerawork of the streets in the area.

Boarding the bus back home, I started with more video to catch the return trip over the Bay Bridge. My battery depleted as we passed the main tower on the eastern span, but you wouldn’t miss much. Continuing with more video, I let it run to about Berkeley. Whether anyone is interested to download these movie files is beyond me, but they’re there, courtesy of me. Running more intermittent video to pass the time, we soon came back into town.

So for about five hours spent, I will serve the world this never before seen, exciting view of the newest bridge in the world! Other people will no doubt have their own videos, but mine is available within 24 hours of the opening of this new span. On review, I see that it is a bit shaky. All handheld, with a bargain discount camera. No doubt there will be better work, but I am on a zero budget. Take it or leave it.

Walking about a half mile, I spent about $9 for food. Capturing about 125 images and movie clips, I traveled about 180 miles.