SAN FRANCISCO BY BUS 3X April 10, 2013

Delaying this trip till after the spell of strong winds abated somewhat, I woke up by about 8 a.m., this Wednesday, and shortly made my quick, online, reservations for the bus ride. I had again well researched this activity, and worked out my plans for everything beforehand.

Going to the bus pickup point in Old Sac, it arrived a bit late, and being that I had made my reservation about three hours beforehand, they said that I was not listed on the manifest. My confirmation number was written down, and I boarded just fine. We took off at 11:06 a.m., and soon were zooming westbound on Interstate 80. I didn’t have a window seat, so didn’t do any video. I connected for a small bit, then settled with my music.

Coming to the station in San Francisco, CA, exactly on time, I had determined to get a Clipper card. The security told me that it was available just a block away, this time, so I went to the photo booth in the drug store, and obtained my card, with $7 loaded onto the value. There was some mention of a minimum balance to be required on the card, but my calculated day’s fare was a total of $6. Gladly, I loaded another dollar at a machine enroute, saving me a rejection, as I later found that a $2 balance was necessary. I never saw this information online, but then I thought about this aboard the bus, enroute to my destination.

Walking over to the local bus station, I waited a bit, then my bus came by. The driver pointed out the electronic device to wave my card by, and so I was never to use cash on my rides out to the Bay Area, again. I enjoyed doing video on my ride out to Union Street, and it took about 45 minutes to get to my dining.

Debarking, I quickly found the eatery, and it wasn’t busy. I ordered the most expensive, but highly exquisite, burger that I ever had, a new culinary experience for me. Shame that I didn’t find it the first time, a couple months ago. Satiated, I ordered another burger. This was too good to leave for another time! I forsook my diet for this day, as it was so delicious, and how often do I get to go here?

I headed out to the Bay by streets, my objective being the Golden Gate Bridge. I don’t recall walking out on the bridge for a long time, and thought of the old hiking club, decades ago, that made a day for just this. Going by the small boat wharf, I took the shore line trail past Crissy Field, and walked onto the beach at one spot. I had consulted an online map for directions, so followed, by my memory, the online computer walking route, which may have well been not the best. I had to follow a shoulder along a road up to a viewpoint and sign, then came to the bike trail, which may have suited me better.

There were lots of users, and even flowers and birds. I shortly came to the bridge tourist area, and mingled with visitors from all over. They have made it nice and high tech, and I took plenty of photos and video. I had taken off my hat because of the wind, not wishing to have it blow over the railing and be lost forever.

Going along the bridge walkway, I began with photos and video. A glorious day! I had worried that someone might jump off the bridge while I was here, but it was good vibes. I had heard of a suicide barrier, but there was no such thing. I had clear views with no shooting through any fence, and my Hoody kept my head warmer. I soon came to an overlook, and did more photos and video. I surmised to go to the center of the span, but the views are about the same. I didn’t want to be too late for the bus back to downtown, so headed back to do more photos at the tourist area.

Taking a walkway under the freeway, I consulted maps to find my bus stop, and soon was waiting for the bus. There was a nice sight of motorists never having to deal with toll takers again, due to new technology, as I think that, now, cameras record the vehicle license plates, and bills the registered owner, automatically.

The bus came by, and I had more fun doing video of this beautiful town. There are privacy concerns, but people that I have talked to don’t feel bothered even by glasses with a camera streaming video to the world, of what I am seeing. Then, these inventions have already been banned in some places. I do have my worries that my videos will affect someone’s mind about it, but as I understand the Law, if you cannot tell who it is, and if it is not for commercial purpose, it’s O.K. Though with technology, everything may change.

I came to 4th Street, and had some time. I saw a good offer, so had some sliders. Small, but better for everything. Ambling south to the train station, I soon arrived, and occupied my time doing self video. I’d love to dance better, or do something highly entertaining, but this may disturb someone, as the old hiking club never ran out of reasons to hate, harass, and destroy.

The bus came by a bit late, but we were to arrive to the drop off point almost exactly on time, again. There was some time with traffic, and then we crawled along the Bay Bridge. I liked the sunset, then sights of the Bay, and orange clouds as we motored east on the Interstate. I did more video as we got back to town, hoping that it was in focus, as my eyes sometimes can’t see this.

I took the extension of the Kay eastward, with the near deserted shopping mall, with most places closed after hours. Too full for more dining, I headed home, happy with another fine travel op.

Walking about 7 miles for the day, I spent about $72 total. Capturing 596 images and movie clips, the distance to San Francisco is some 90 miles each way. I rode some 10 miles by the local bus, maintaining a zero carbon footprint by the old enviro way of thinking. There was room on the intercity bus going back east, but about full headed west. There is plenty of room for improvement as far as this sort of travel, but I can’t imagine a cheaper and better way of riding, aside from hitching for a car seat with some pleasant acquaintance, driving somewhere solo, anyway.