Getting up by 5 a.m., this Wednesday morning, I wished to make another use of the bargain deal for the bus ride to the City by the Bay. I saw that I could still make my online reservations that morning, so did it. Aging, I had no great wish to travel, but a new year awaits, and afterwards, I am usually glad that I did it.

At the station, there was a wait as the bus finally came by, and it was the same driver. We took off a bit late again, but we came to our destination ahead of time, as before. I managed to get the front seat atop the double decker, with a view ahead. This is great for video. I took more still photos this time, experimenting with my zoom.

Coming to the Caltrain station, I used the restroom and boarded the nearby Muni. I had done my research and knew what I’d be doing, pretty much, today. As the last time, I had not been able to connect online, but I managed to do this on the way back. I did more video as we rode through the city streets, and I can’t remember ever having ridden the local bus, except 40 years ago.

Coming to North Point, I debarked and went to the clothing outlet that had once been a favorite shopping goal for my enviro and outdoor wear. Nothing much on sale. Heading for the Wharf, I came to the street of tourist traps, and headed east for Pier 39. I went through the shops and then to the sea lion area, where I did more video. Back west to the Wharf, I had some other dining in mind, so only got a crab cocktail. It wasn’t too busy, and if I had known, I’d have done some dining, here.

Headed west, I took the Hyde Street Pier and used my park pass to gain entry onto the boats. The Balclutha made for some photos, with then some other sights, then it was to the Maritime Museum. They were doing maintenance, so I didn’t get to go onto the upper floor, but I have done that already, and don’t think that I missed anything.

Rounding Fort Mason, I walked towards Crissy Field, then headed south on Fillmore. I had a burger joint in mind, but when I got there, I didn’t see it. I walked west on the street that I recalled that it lies, but I figured that they must have moved or gone out of business. My information must have been bad!

I stopped taking pictures, and decided to just walk. I headed east over a hill, looking for Lombard Street, but missed it. I came to Columbus, seeking food, but instead went into Chinatown, and then took the bus back to the train station. I had some time, but missing my bus home would be a disaster.

I chose to debark on Market Street to look for another dining op, and then, it too wasn’t there. I walked about looking for a redeeming eatery, but saw nothing great. A failed dining exploration. I declined any fast food, and came back to the bus depot. I had some drink, and the bus came by a bit late again.

The ride home was the usual sunset and views with some video, and we arrived back to Old Sac by 6:20 p.m. Many people were headed to Nevada. I took the Kay back eastward for some food, and finished the trip at 7:23 p.m.

So, I had walked some 7 miles in San Francisco and 3 more miles in town. I had done some 300 feet of gain. With 10.50 for the fare, I spent $24 in cash, with $2 rides for the city bus. I captured 369 images and movie clips (371 MB, 720p HD, 13:48).

There had been an elderly videographer along for the ride, whom I spoke with. He insisted that one can make some money by stock photography, but he had amateur equipment and belonged to another time. For the record, I do all of my camera work as a hobby, as few gain anything but tax write-offs by a business, and he doesn’t get any permits as the law seems to require for commercial work.

Should any casual traveler seek to see how it is by doing what I did, I recommend this. It’s so much relaxation by riding, versus driving, and if they offer such a loss leader, I’ll be taking it. I’ll be making more trips if they have this going yet, and I’d love to see the light display for the Bay Bridge, come March, 2013.