RENO BY BUS 2X August 15-16, 2013

Totally busy with new acquisitions, tech support, software updates, etc., I could hardly get away from my computing. The local highs lately were relatively mild, so I did a lot of walking in town. Still busy on the Net, I sought to gain new hiking partners, all to come to failure.

So, checking prices and rates by the Net, I decided it was time for another activity. I had some items in for repair, and I declined to have them shipped to me for not wanting to be adding to the emissions that harm the environment. Though, I have been making a number of product returns for fairly good reasons, and have to do it the way as dictated.

I have been getting notices of a substantial discount on products that I needed, so decided to visit the store in another town. I tried to do everything as with as low emissions as I could manage. Even though it would be cheaper driving my own car, as far as gas, I decided to do it this way. Pity that none in the old hiking club would even consider this!

With this brand, I get possibly the best possible for hiking and climbing, and as friendly as you can be to the planet. Although some in the old hiking club would consider these garments, this way, to be "picked over." Then, of course, some of these supposed planet supporters have earned their wealth and fortunes in what many would regard as a planet destroying occupation. It seems similar with the computer company that I support. There is no way that you will get any of them to buy as clean and green as it comes.

I made my reservations the day before, on Wednesday. Up at 5:30 a.m., I did my usual computing, and then left for the trip and breakfast. The bus arrives at a new location, and I sought to have people join me, but alas, the Internet venue that I chose was no good for that. It was about on time and I was able to access the Internet while I waited.

As we took off, I started with my video. I'm enjoying letting my camera run with sights to be reproduced in the highest quality, presently. I can view them on my TV once I have them done by my website, although I am aware high speed Internet access is not supported in many areas and places. I'm looking at cutting costs there as far as my web hosting, but it looks to be frustrating.

We headed north on Interstate 5 to take Interstate 80 eastbound. All my batteries were charged, and I had plenty of memory. I let it run until Sierra College Blvd. exit, then did some more in Auburn, then Colfax. Quiet riders, so I could record the audio. It was the usual sights, for me, along Interstate 80, but then, some people haven't seen this as many times as I have. My wish is for people unable to enjoy the beautiful Northern Sierra, as I do, to still appreciate it's beauty, by my efforts.

I continued with mostly video, until we started getting close to Reno. My battery depleted, so I was unable to get some sights. Quickly putting in a new battery, I shortly continued with my video as we entered town. It had been smoky over parts of the Sierra, due to a forest fire, but it was clearer, here.

I debarked in the middle of downtown, with the best casinos all about me. The bus had been about on time, so I checked to see if somehow, someone had read my notice that I placed on this hiking website. I had canceled the event, but then some people don't get the news, and refuse to talk to me about anything that they'll do with me.

Beelining to the RTC terminal, I needed to take the bus. Using the restroom there, I got a 24 hour bus pass. Aboard, I started with more video. I didn't have time, due to the early check-in required by the hotel, so I couldn't walk the whole way. This was the first time I have ever ridden this bus line in Reno. I couldn't get a paper schedule, but I had some departure times for my return back to downtown.

Getting off the bus, it was still 2.1 miles, by my maps, to the clothing store. The computer gave me a route, so I followed it. I did video as I walked, so if anyone is interested, I have a visual guide to doing this. There are no sidewalks in many places, so I wouldn't recommend this. With bike lanes, it looks better for someone with pedal power.

Taking less than an hour from the bus stop to the store, I began to do my shopping. I had on my travel backpack, so perhaps customers thought this looked a bit strange. Getting my repaired belt pack back, the help fixed my new belt pack right away. There had been a plastic piece that broke off.

I looked about in the store for the usual good deals. Mostly odd sizes left, so I guess the best had already been taken. I found three good items, and waited in line for service. I almost never see anyone in the old hiking club wear any of this brand. Despite their entreaties to "Union forever," they buy foreign made, and seem to support child and slave labor. Each to their own.

Taking a different route back to a bus stop, I sought to make it a hiking loop. It was dangerous with the traffic, and I even broke out into a jog, with my pack, for fear of missing the bus. Not seeing the bus go by, I made it to the bus stop, where I had a good long rest. The bus came by, and took me back to downtown.

Going straight to the hotel registration desk, after drinks, I was met by a long line, mostly military. They know where the good deals are. The line went quickly, thanks to efficient staff, and I got my room. Going up to the 24th floor, I washed up, and took some pictures of the window view. Getting connected was better than last time. I looked at menus and reserved a table.

Not too hungry, once to the restaurant, I ordered three things, but this was high living for me. The service was great, and I left a good tip. Wandering about the casino floor, I decided to use my free coupon match play, and test my luck at cards. I quickly 5x'ed my money, and left the dealer a good tip. Chatting with some help about casino rules regarding photography, I mentioned Google glasses. He said that they are banned in all casinos. Apparently there is some chance of doing regular video on the casino grounds with permission, but it's too much trouble for me. I went back to my room and got to the Internet.

Friday morning, I was up for the sunrise. The coffee maker was malfunctioning, so I called the front desk. After a good round of Internet news, I went down for breakfast. Back to my room, I made my plans for this day. After more pictures of the window view, I packed up and checked out.

Walking the short distance back to the RTC terminal, I took another bus east to Sparks. I had no easy op to do more video, but it was mostly sights of homes. I had a restaurant in mind for lunch. Arriving just before their opening time, I wanted to get the bus ride back, before my pass expired. They opened, and I had a nice bowl of ramen. I did a self-video as I slurped up the noodles, maybe comical to somebody, as I like doing this. The bus ride back to downtown went fine. One battery was getting low, so I stopped with so much video from that camera.

Back to the RTC terminal, I took another bus south, with still time on my pass. The main town library was closed. I didn't have time to look up the hours, as the changes had been made last spring. With about two hours to kill before my ride home, I decided to meander north. The Truckee River Walk is always good for me. I did more camera work, enjoying the gorgeous conditions.

An outdoor river restaurant provided an opportunity, so I had drink, and a light salad. Can't get much better than this! With a few more photos about the Truckee River, I did more photography as I headed to the bus stop. One last use of a restroom, and I waited with the crowd of people.

The bus was slightly late, but I got aboard with a good seat. One rider in back of me was a bit talkative on his cellphone, so it got into my audio as I did my camera recording. I don't tell people to shut up, but I advised him later of what I was doing. Offering to delete my recording if he had major concerns, he said that he stood by what he says in public. It turned out that he was a relative of a major past news figure. Or, I have no idea.

The smoke from the Sierra fire made for quite a sight. I did even more video upon coming to town, and we arrived about on time.

With my total hiking coming to about 6 miles, and slight gain, I spent about $100 cash. Capturing maybe 200 images and movie clips, I had traveled about 300 miles. Lodging came to about $50, charged, more. The total bus fares had come to $25.25. Saved about $220 (from full retail) by the sale discounts, although some may consider these items last year's styles, and perhaps not factory direct, brand new, off the shelf, and also, over-priced.

Everyone that I encountered was polite, respectful, and pleasant enough, if not neutral. I gave the usual deference to gender, as custom dictates, although it gets taken for granted, far too much. A great escape from my usual city living. Not losing anything that I brought, or having any of my hardware damaged or destroyed, this was a highly successful trip! Continually enjoying music and video on my devices, I stayed in touch with everything that I wished. That no one thusly wishes to avail themselves of my company and guidance, even my generosity, so be it!