LAKE NATOMA LOOP 32X December 21, 2013

Enjoying the week in town, I dined, and captured two fine sunsets on the Riverwalk, Tuesday and Wednesday. Ordering a new computer, I then had second thoughts and canceled the order after just assuming it was too much money for what speed I’d gain, versus my present computers. I don’t know if anyone ever looks at any of my movies, so it’d be a waste. Nice to have the latest and the greatest, but I’d have to withdraw some funds from my bank account savings, and I can always decide later whether to get it.

Saturday, I was up at 2:30 a.m. Having breakfast of some gourmet salami and cheese, I lazed at my computer and waited till 9 a.m., when I caught the light rail out to Folsom, CA. There was an ongoing farmer’s market, and I looked at the ice skating rink. Going along Sutter Street, I snapped photos of the window displays, and then crossed over the truss bridge to access the bike trail.

Lots of geese by the lake today, and I started with photos and video. I listened to my music the whole way, and enjoyed the crisp but sunny weather. Plenty of users today, and I hiked to the top of the bump at about the 25.5 mile mark. Kayakers on the water. Marching along the left shoulder, I finally came back to the lake shores to snap more photos, and passed by the dam.

Going over the Hazel Avenue bridge, I detoured over to the Nimbus Fish Hatchery to do more video, and to use the restroom. The staff said that the salmon run was “good,” this year, better than the last, although the numbers weren’t in. It was the last of the incoming fish, with no more jumping up the fish ladder. Though they had an egg taking for steelhead in a couple days, scheduled.

I noted the new sidewalk over to the restaurants by Tributary Point Drive, with crossing signals. I had some diet soda and a pork sandwich, taking lots of time to get refills, and to relax in the warm sun. Blowing my nose a lot, I had been advised that I had some allergy, and so would get some medicine for that. I normally save all napkins, so used them for this, now.

Back onto the bike trail, I shot more video as I sauntered through the oaks, and rushed a bit to get back by sunset. Taking side trails as usual, I noted mostly bone dry trail, with two mud holes further along. There were more geese on the lake, and I used the restroom at the Willow Creek boat ramp. Still fall colors, I deemed to enjoy this day hiking with the low afternoon light, and finally came to the completion of my loop, using then about 5.5 hours to do it.

Using the parking garage restroom, I took the train back into town, where I debarked for food, then went by the supermarket for antihistamines. Having more food, I walked the way back home, to get to my download and then to go to bed early.

Walking the 11 miles with 100 feet of gain, I captured 224 images and movie clips. Buying a day pass, that was $6 plus some $20 for eats and 5 for the pills. It is about 20 miles by rail out to Folsom, so I spared the air, some one gallon worth by my own car.

As I come into a new year, I have noted that my eyesight, health, and speed are on the decline, normal for aging, I assume. Becoming careless or forgetful, I lost a cap a couple days ago, and can’t keep track of my finances and possessions as I should. I stopped doing my daily accounting as I don’t have the time, but I keep good notes so the data is there. I have taken precautions so in event of injury or becoming lost, I can call for help if I have my wits about me. There was a good signal all about the hike today, being more of an urban experience. Heaven forbid the day when I have to be rescued, but as my old peak buddy does, he refuses to hike anymore in remoter areas, or to do much hiking at all. I’ll see how I do in backcountry, and to hopefully get some companion sometime, so as to have some assistance as I had given to others when I was a hike leader.