Resolving to do something on this fine holiday weekend, I woke up at a good hour, and had an omlette. Getting back to my computer, I worked on my website hobby for awhile, and prepared some video to be put online. I still have a considerable backlog of photos to post, but no one will help or even advise. Beset with delays and interference, I seem to require an undisturbed venue for my occupation, but that looks highly unlikely.

Getting the transit information, I took the light rail out to the station whereby I could take a bus. I shot video on the way, with my new camera, and no one sought to disturb me. Shaky shooting produced some usable quality, though due to conversations, the sound had to be muted. There was some peace on the bus, and I then came to Fair Oaks, CA.

Walking down Bridge Street, I began the short hike to the top of the Fair Oaks Bluff. I shot video of the views, and liked it that the overhanging tree was still there. Going back down the rough trail, I walked over the Old Fair Oaks Bridge, and noted a number of rafters.

Onto the bike trail, I did some photography as I took the left shoulder, then was able to hike on side trails closer to the river. Lots of users on this perfect day. I saw flowers, and a few butterflies, then a feral cat. Getting back to the bike trail, I had to watch for careless and even malicious cyclists, some of them young children, knowing full well the schools and parenting here.

Crossing over Hazel Avenue, I declined any stop for food or drink, intent on getting back home to post by tonight. Walking past the turnoff for the pedestrian bridge over U.S. 50, I figure to wait till the right train came by. I went to the side trails and onto the bridge over an arm of Lake Natoma. Turning about here, I walked back to the U.S. 50 side trail overcrossing, with more video, then came to Folsom Boulevard.

Having a short wait for the train to come by, I did more video as I rode, then debarked as I came to Midtown. I had some food at the organic buffet, picked up a few items, and rode on home.

Doing maybe 4 miles, I captured 159 images and movie clips. Spending about $17 for the meal and groceries, the round trip fare was $6.

The start of the summer travel season is upon me, and I plan to enjoy the ops for sharing and being connected. Highways normally closed for winter are now open. It hasn’t been better for a good peak year, lately, so I hope to achieve many a summit!