Guessing that I will be terminating the online presence of this website, I intend fully to stay online. In preparation for my future photo displays, this particular hike will be a test of my new method. With a virus of some sort, I declined to take a hike somewhere out of town, on this most gorgeous day. Lassen Park was open, though I might not make the top of Lassen Peak, with all the old snow.

I sought to gain some new partners by another Net venue. I paid to form a new group to attract people to climb peaks. Posting then a meeting for breakfast on short notice, to invite people to meet me in preparation for a long desert peak season, I was seeing no interest. Attempting again for the afternoon, another meeting place for a better time, should there be someone interested, I would check on any interest by my Wi-Fi device.

Beginning a hike in Midtown, I cut through Capitol Park and headed for the library to catch the regular Sunday newspapers. There was an article on bus travel, which I had done just this past year. My elderly peak buddy had expressed some interest, but as usual, he is more interested in maintaining his daily life than any travel adventure, however accommodating.

Checking the local store for a new cell phone, they still didn't have any of the newest and best, in stock. I took the continuation of K Street under the Interstate. Having made a small cash offer for the first person, to express interest, that was genuinely interested in peak climbing, I got nothing. Dining in good style, I enjoyed my food, alone. It seems that no offers for money, transportation, safety, or experienced navigation, will ever interest anybody in going with me.

Venturing through Old Sac to the river, I took the Riverwalk downstream. There was such good fall color that I couldn't resist telling the world about it. I did some video, and it was just so nice, with boats on the river, and deep blue sky. People weren’t so overjoyed, but I was sure happy. Meandering down to the railroad crossing, and then over the pedestrian bridge that spans the Interstate, I did some more video. That no one likes any of this is just beyond me. My peak buddy will have his mediocre food, rather than gourmet, organic, healthy fare, and suffer with 1950's technology rather than get with the 21st Century. It seems the same can be said of everyone in the old hiking club.

Taking R Street eastward, I enjoyed even more fall colors. Snapping pictures of the various streets with their fall foliage and back light in the late afternoon sun, there is hardly any urban landscape, that I have experienced, that is so marvelous at this time of year. Indeed the “City of Trees,” I have a photographic record that dates back 36 years, of the colors about downtown.

Hiking then about 3 miles, I captured 300 images and movie clips (38.1 MB, 1:00). Spending perhaps $50 today, I never drove my car.

Feeling slightly better from my last few days with some sort of illness, I hope to make use of some good weather, somewhere. My initial plan was for a week trip to Las Vegas, NV, to use the local transit to hike, and to enjoy and explore. Hopefully, I’ll keep to a healthy diet, and regain my strength and speed by losing some weight and exercising. Again, it seems useless to appeal to anyone to come along, and help enjoy the hiking, dining, and general fun, with major sharing, involved.

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