Weakened from my medical condition, and somewhat dormant due to the colder weather, I held it as imperative to start going out for hiking and traveling. On a diet, and perhaps afflicted with some bug, I left home at about Noon to get some organic lunch.

Taking Interstate 5 south, I headed for Twin Cities Road, and then to the Cosumnes River Preserve. Stopping first at the main boardwalk, I began with some video, and shortly walked along out to the end to see few birds. My telephoto shots of a group of large white birds didn’t focus right, as I have not been using my camera for some time. Some batteries had depleted, but I had spares which held up for the day.

Driving the short way to the visitor center parking lot, I snapped some photos and used the restroom, then headed to the trails that wander about the preserve.

The trees were mostly bare yet, but there were some reds in the sumac. The trails were dry enough, and some coots floated in the ponds. I took a short side trail to the banks of the Cosumnes River, with a few people about. Heading east, I came to the railroad trestle, and took a small loop again by the river.

Coming back to the railroad track, a train came by, and I walked north along the track, to the finish of this second loop. Back to the major footbridge that spans the slough, I did some more video, then drove off back north on the Interstate.

Exiting on the Hood-Franklin Road, I drove west to the Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge area. I walked about the Blue Heron Trail, with new signs, and only a few birds. I did some more video, but there wasn’t much to see, so did the paved trail loops, about a quarter mile total, then drove off. Back to town, I had spent about 4 hours out, and hiked 3 miles. I captured 95 images and movie clips (59.1 MB, 720p HD, 2:09). The driving came to about 55 miles.

The bugs were out, but I didn't seem to get bit. Using no repellant or sunscreen, I wore some light layers, and never drank or had any water. I mostly likely will not be doing any major travel soon, though, as I wish to have a lower carbon footprint. The wildflowers will soon be blooming, but I have seen this so many times. My park pass will shortly be expiring, and I may wait to get a new one. In due time, it will be free for me, and it's a matter of energy and will to keep on visiting our national parks.