Up at a good hour on this cold Saturday, it had been supposed to be raining or even snowing. The sun came out, so I sought to do a hike or otherwise not waste the weather opportunity. Looking at what to do, I chose to do a nearby nature hike.

Leaving home by about 10 a.m., I got the news, then took Interstate 5 southbound. I began to grow sleepy as I motored along, declining to stop for drink. Coming then to Twin Cities Road Exit, I shortly passed the preserve sign, and turned right at the short, paved road to the boardwalk parking area.

Many bird watchers were there, and scopes had been set up to view the fowl. I chatted a bit with a volunteer, and commented that there weren’t so many birds as I’ve seen here. I had some video of an eagle at the Riverwalk in Reno from last Thursday on my website, telling one of that. I used my telephotos lens to snap a few photos, and walked along the quarter mile boardwalk to its end, where I shot some video. There were a few other photographers, but it looked like I was the only one to do video.

Going back to the parking lot, I moved away from the others to get some sounds of nature. They had put out a glass bowl with daphnia or dragon fly larvae. Motoring off, I parked at the nearby visitor center, and walked in to see of anything new. Using the nice restroom, I took off on the trail.

Going over the footbridge, I came to the paved trail and headed right (south). Going to a view at a dead end side trail, I had noted some colorful sumac leaves for my photography. I resolved to do the full 3 miles about this section of the Preserve. Making one loop west of the railroad tracks, I headed under them to come to a figure eight loop system. It was reminiscent of the plains of Africa. Almost expecting to see lions, I ventured in the circle to the riparian forest, shooting a 360 in the meantime. Clouds and low sun made for a scene.

Along the shores of the Cosumnes River, I liked the many birdhouses tacked on trees or posts. The trail system is now well marked, with maps and “you are here” red spots on them. I completed the figure eight, and now was heading north along the tracks, and then a short ways to a pond with geese. My video was too slow to capture them taking off in flight fully, but some of it was recorded. Finishing the loop about the main lake, I came back to paved trail, crossed back over the footbridge, snapping pictures of some new arty plates.

Donating $5 at the visitor center, I spoke a bit with the idle help, then motored north on the Interstate. Heading for some organic, or near so, buffet food, I then did some shopping for diet soda, and finished my trip by about 3:10 p.m.

Doing then 3 miles, I captured 210 images and movie clips. Spending for groceries, I didn’t need any fuel to buy, driving 55 miles.

With as good as I have had it at home and on the road, tech wise, I am enjoying life. My weight is the main detriment, perhaps prompting people to avoid me. For my next trip, I need to do some peaks for gain and calorie loss. Having done the 2,400 feet of gain on Fiske last weekend, I am confident of doing more gain. Though the days are short, and even that a few years ago, I managed to do near 5,000 feet of gain on my double bag (Fiske and Mt. St. Helena) in winter, I am not so ambitious, anymore. Still needing to lose 20 pounds, that translates to maybe 30 peaks of some effort, with according dieting. Difficult to do solo. I do have safety devices, but absolutely no one to encourage me on. I need to get into survival mode, and lose my excess baggage.