BEALS POINT 2X October 15, 2013

Busy with various things, I decided that I had to go for more hiking. With the blame for climate change now supported by scientists to be by human-caused emissions, I was to refrain from driving my car. Despite my generous offers, I am unable to find anyone to want to carpool, or climb together in an environmentally friendly way. The old hiking club will pollute to the end of the planet.

With the government shutdown still in progress, I refrained from going on another, even short, road trip, even though some national parks had re-opened. My old peak buddy wouldn’t even think of going on hikes, even all paid for. Being that he prefers his moron, mandatory driving, minimum 60 miles a day, I’ll leave him to his ways.

I had a lot of personal business to be done, but I get very little help. Leaving after lunch, I took the light rail out to Historic Folsom. I did make a stop for some organic lunch, but they don’t seem very friendly despite my doing thousands of dollars worth of business there. Arriving at 2:52 p.m., I walked up Sutter Street to see the fall decorations.

Across the old truss bridge, I started doing photos and video. Heading toward Beals Point, I’d do the 3 miles out there in about an hour from here. Hiking in my T-shirt and shorts, it was just plain nice. There were some slight fall colors, and a few cyclists on the trail. I came upon a baby rattlesnake, perhaps dead, as it wasn’t moving. There are three tunnels to go through, and I took video with photos going through them.

The turn off to the Beals Point State Park came up quickly, and I took the bike trail loop around the parking lot. Using the nice restroom, I went to the slight hill that made for an overlook. Continuing clockwise around the loop, I enjoyed being here. The lake level was low, but the water was beautiful blue. Spending about 20 minutes here, I shortly started back.

There were more users, then squirrels on the trail. People were nicer than usual. Making good time getting back to the truss bridge, I walked back to Sutter Street, and got a non-alcoholic beer. With water, it was good! Snapping a few photos of the beautiful window decorations for the shops, I got back to the train station to take the light rail back into town.

I asked the operator about any rules on photography, and it seemed to be okay for me to do some self video as I rode back with the sun setting. Feeling pretty good, I stopped for my light organic dinner, with some cold tea to drink. Under the lights at the train station, I did a dance with some self video.

So it was about 6.5 miles, with maybe a hundred feet of gain. Spending maybe $30, I captured 176 images and movie clips (867.6 MB, 11:23). No driving, although I may be seeking to do a fall colors trip. The forecast shows the weather will be good for the ten day, mostly everywhere that I want to go. As people will have it, it’ll be zero peaks for them, and, I guess, one dead planet!