PYRAMID LAKE January 25-26, 2012

With some work necessary to fix things in my place, I decided to leave home to avoid some inconvenience. The forecast looked good, and lodging rates were low. I also had to return a pack for repair, due to almost daily use, with a lifetime warranty thusly upheld.

So, I left home to take Interstate 80 eastbound, Wednesday morning. I filled up with gas at 3.539, then hit the freeway. I had some breakfast at Nyack, then stopped at Yuba Gap for photos. Getting a picture of Castle Peak from the rest area, I also stopped at the Donner Lake Vista Point for more pictures.

Coming to my favorite outdoor clothing shop, I gave them my pack for repair, then picked up a few items at nice discounts. Motoring over to Mayberry Park, I took a short walk to view the Truckee River. Then, it was to my hotel casino for check-in. I snapped a few photos of the view east from the 21st floor.

I figured then to take NV 445 to Pyramid Lake. Traffic flow was much nicer, and I soon left town and was into sights of the hills along this Nevada highway. Paying for a permit at the Reservation store, I shortly came to my viewpoint, and parked to snap many photos. I sat there mostly watching the light play on the Pyramid and mountains, then clouds darkened the whole scene, so I left to go back to my hotel. I stopped for some photos of the Incandescent Hills from NV 445.

Taking pictures from my hotel room of the evening light, it was a nice magic hour. Spending a nice evening with dining, free Wi-Fi, and entertainment, I won a small bit at gambling. Not seeking to go outside for night photography, I stayed up using my handheld and seeing what was going on about the hiking world, by the Net.

Getting up by sunrise, I took pictures of the red sky, then watched TV and did more research on what to do this day. A nice breakfast settled my appetite, and I went up back to my room to figure what to do. Checking out, I noted light sprinkles as I departed the hotel, and cancelled my plan to do a short peak hike.

The clouds over the Sierra looked ominous. I thought to do some other hike as I passed over Donner Summit, but there had been an accident, and I snapped a few photos in the drizzle as I motored slowly over the pass.

The poor weather continued to persist till I was out of the foothills and down to the Central Valley. That put an end to this brief departure from town, with a enjoyable stay at this casino hotel, something I might do now by bus, reducing emissions even more.

Driving about 335 miles, I used about 7.5 gallons of fuel. Walking only about a mile, I captured 447 images and movie clips (69 MB, 3:35, 720p HD). Spending about $90 in cash for food and gas, I paid about $35 for lodging and then $120 for clothes and a new pack.

So, at least I am back to traveling. I now seek comfortable lodging with sights to see and photograph. I mean to lose weight to try to restore my health, and who knows, I may still climb a big peak!