Again, it was time to do this routine activity, to record the fall colors along CA 88 and elsewhere. I woke up at an early hour, and left home to drive eastbound on U.S. 50 in the dawn. Making a food and drink stop in Placerville, CA, I took the Mormon-Emigrant Road through Sly Park, CA.

Noting a new, steep paved road heading left from just past the second dam at Jenkinson Lake, I presume it is for a new trailhead. There are dogwoods to be seen here, but I saw mainly pale reds at best as I motored along up the hill. Reaching CA 88, I stopped for a rest break and photos at Shot Rock vista, and then made another photo stop at Devils Garden, two pullouts, and then at Carson Spur.

I saw no new snow on the high peaks from Caples Lake, then noted good color about the pullouts. I passed by Carson Pass, with some cars there, and stopped at the viewpoint just to the east of the pass.

Then it was to the best color in Hope Valley. I made a stop at Red Lake Road, then witnessed the glorious reds of that cabin that is so popular with photographers. There is a ranch dirt side road that makes for a sight, then I took a longer stop to view the nice grove that I like to keep a good record. Rating this day as an 8 out of 10, I was pleased with the drive.

The leaves had fallen along the walkways at the rustic lodge past Picketts Junction, but I shot my usual record, and then had a nice breakfast.

Going north on CA 89, I stopped for the quarter mile hike on the Rainbow Trail at Taylor Creek USFS visitor center. I wished to view the Kokanee salmon. Many of the fish had already died, but I found good schools in the clear stream. I took video despite the many people making comments, to be muted by my audio software, or not. It was then to the stream profile chamber, where I did more video and photos. I ventured on to a bridge, and then back on a side trail to the parking lot.

Next on my agenda was the Emerald Bay viewpoint. One group had spotted an eagle, and I did some telephoto shots. Capturing the view, I finally received a connection with my cellular, so sent off a few photos to my Facebook page. There was no service at my other stops.

Then, I parked using my annual pass at the Eagle Falls parking lot, to walk over to the top of Lower Eagle Falls. The water was trickling, and I did a close up video with photos. Nothing like last spring.

I figured to head north, and go home by Interstate 80. I had hiking Ellis Peak in mind, then later Donner Peak, but I decided not to strain myself. There was road work delay, and I made a stop at two spots for a vista of Lake Tahoe from the shoreline. Observing for anything new as far as my peaks guide descriptions, it looked about like the same as before.

Coming to Tahoe City, CA, I parked and walked to the lake outlet dam. Seagulls were flying about, and I did some video. The museum here wanted $5 for admission, so I declined. Northbound on CA 89 still, I passed by the turnoffs for the ski resorts, then passed through two traffic circles to get onto the Interstate.

Three lanes now comprise the westbound grade to Donner Summit, and I enjoyed the new construction. For road work, westbound Interstate 80 at this time splits into two lanes, and you must decide whether to take the left, or right lane, for exiting. I wanted to see the Big Bend Ranger Station, so took the exit past the Kingvale exit. It was fenced off due to construction, looking like a brand new ranger station is being built, so I took a quick photo of Rainbow Lodge, and passed by one of my once regular trails, Loch Leven Lakes.

I found a slight cascade along the South Yuba River, and did some camera work. I then saw a new park, Cisco Grove Gould Park. I checked it out, using the restroom. Getting back onto Interstate 80, I took the Yuba Gap exit to see the road work split from an overpass.

With no further need to stop, I zoomed west and ran into slowdowns about Roseville, CA, and Exposition Boulevard, finishing my trip before dusk.

Walking only short distances, I drove 271 miles total, capturing 531 images and movie clips (688.4 MB, 720p HD, 9:34). Spending only about $23, I had used maybe 7 gallons of gas, bought the day before at 4.399.

Wearing jeans, I had to strip off my two light layers, by Noon, to my T shirt due to the temperate highs. I saw no bugs or hunters, and it was pretty calm this Friday. Traffic was moderately busy, but few people were about the viewpoints or trails as far as I could see.

I seek to do one more fall trip, probably back to Yosemite for the fall colors there, too. The foothills turn a bit later. I’d recommend for people to see the sights in the Northern Sierra, up high, this coming weekend, as others have said also that this is the best time. The peak has occurred. New snow is due in the next week, but it may be still good if the leaves aren’t blown off. I had wondered about staying overnight, but I am glad to be home and to my computer. I hope such glorious sights can be seen by everyone!