LAKE NATOMA LOOP 31X July 17, 2012

With unusually cool weather forecast, I didn’t have any delay in choosing to do this classic hike, my usual circle about Lake Natoma. I have done this now 31 times, although some in parts, though seldom done that way. We have a nice delta breeze extending all the way up to Folsom, CA, keeping the temperatures great.

I caught the light rail to Historic Folsom station, getting there at 10 a.m. I hiked up Sutter Street, having already had a fine breakfast of rib eye steak. The restroom trailer made for a good break, and soon I was walking over the historic truss bridge.

I was to do plenty of video, more so than normal, and kept capturing views and sights. Cyclists and runners passed by, and I did my own video to add some interest. Lots of birds chirping to add audio to the tracks. Clouds kept the sun away, and I topped the bump at about the 25.5 mile mark for a slight vista.

The sun broke through the clouds, and it began to warm up. I made it to Hazel Avenue, and beelined for a fast food eatery to get a rest and drink, with a snack for energy. It was still O.K. as I came out, so I ventured on. The breeze was powerful, and it stayed in the 70’s. Amazing!

I did more video, and soon knew I had only segments of an hour to go. The wind was behind my back, and I was feeling good. Finally to the end of the loop back at Sutter Street, I arrived then at about 2:31 p.m. The next train comes at 3. I used the restroom, then looked for a ice cream treat, but looking at my watch, surmised that I’d relax at home after the ride. I did more video as I rode, with the sun behind the window view, and no bad reflections by the plastic.

So, I completed the 11 miles, and did it in 4.5 hours total time. Not bad on my pace, I am good for more hiking and peaks to climb. I captured 89 images and movie clips (174.5 MB, 7:27, 720p HD), spending only $5 for the fare, and about $3 for the drink and food. Not bothered at all by any mosquitoes, I didn't use any sunscreen. Shorts and my Capilene T were fine with my Hoody in the morning. There were a few flowers, and squirrels, butterflies, no snakes.

Hoping to slim down even more, I’m not too bad on my waistline, now, and a good backpack trip might do it for me. Shame that there’s nobody who still does this, whom I know, with the gorgeous mountains that we have so close by!