A bright, blue sky, and a sunny day, invited me to get out of the house. I left home to do some shopping, and to take full advantage of the special deals, this Thursday. Finished with that, I motored south on Interstate 5 to the Cosumnes River Preserve.

I sought to see the newer area along Desmond Road. I toured the sanctuary addition, but wasn’t able to stop O.K. I did a U and with no or little traffic, took a few photos. Leaving, I headed for the boardwalk viewing area with its fine parking lot. The only one at this spot, at first, I set up my new tripod. Then, others came by. Some people come to this area to gab away, to the detriment of my audio capture.

My full telephoto videos came out shaky, with slight breezes moving my lens. Maybe I am doing something wrong. I sought to get the sounds of the birds, and even more people came by. Moving away from them, I was able to get some videos and photos of the fowl, with geese and ducks. I enjoyed the nice temperatures, with just a T shirt and jeans, and then completed the tour out to the end of the boardwalk.

My tripod has a handle in addition to a nylon bag case, so is easy to use and carry about. Gained by the Net, I was happy to get such a good deal on a lightweight item. Though, it isn’t very good for wildlife telephoto videos. I did more videos, and then enjoyed a nice sunset. Mosquitoes came out, and that spurred me to leave.

Back home by the freeway, I had done a slight bit, about a half mile, of walking, with no gain. I captured 79 images and movie clips (43.1 MB, 1:51, 720p HD). Driving 55 miles, I spent about $120 on my groceries, stocking up on healthy foods. I used maybe 1.5 gallons of gas.

Having stirred up the fluids in my transportation, I can get to walking and not having much of a carbon footprint, for the time being. Shame to have such fine hiking and travel weather to just stay about home, though!