With a new year, I had to do something with the dry, nice weather. Bagging a three year high of 15 peaks in 2011, I purchased and used a total of 253 gallons of gas for my car, with one carpool trip. Walking a more carefully measured 1,367 miles about town, with my daily walks and Parkway hikes, I drove 8,721 miles on my web reported hikes and climbs. Though using light rail only twice, I donated my $10 a month for green energy and carbon offsets, then supporting sustainability and organic foods some $1,376 for the year.

Satisfied enough with my 2011 frugality and enviro support, I left home to do some shopping and to get food, then motored south on Interstate 5 to the Preserve. Arriving by 2:20 p.m., I saw a nearly full lot at the boardwalk, with many bird watchers and staff to speak with. Attempting some telephoto video clips, my tripod broke. I put it back into my car, and then started with photos, and handheld movie clips. I took pictures, mindful of the other users, going out to the point.

Back to the parking lot, I chatted with the help, and drove over to the visitor center lot. I hiked the short distance to the big pond, with sights of red sumac. There had been a few birds, and some people leisurely walking throughout the area.

Finished by about 3:45 p.m., I left to motor on home. I walked maybe a mile, and captured 59 images and movie clips (96.7 MB, 3:14, 720p HD). I only spent $20 for gas at 3.459, and for my groceries. The drive was 51 miles, round trip.

Supposing that I may reduce my automotive carbon emissions even further, with few more wild and scenic sights left to see in the Pacific West, I have been looking into air, bus, and train travel. I deem to see cities and urban sights, rather than climbing peaks and doing hikes. I now have more medical necessities, and must refrain from what I used to do. Although there is no lack of hope for some sort of comeback!