With a cooler high forecast for today, I left home to catch the light rail by 9:10 a.m. Debarking at Historic Folsom, I dined along Sutter Street, having a turkey breakfast sandwich and drink. They are rebuilding the street, with ongoing construction. Few people were about this early, except in the grill having breakfast.

I continued to the bike trail, and crossed the old truss bridge. Clouds in the sky made for some dramatic photos. Heading on the northwest side of the reservoir, I took the bike trail counterclockwise, hoping to complete my 27X loop. I had a time with the photography, snapping an assortment of photos. Sadly, some graffiti appeared since my last time here.

Coming to the Hazel Avenue Bridge, there is now a wide, spacious walkway on the east side of the bridge open to users. I debated about doing the whole loop, but the warming sun got the better of me. I was wearing my heavy pants and pack due to the cooler temps this morning. With a view of some thistle, I exited by the pedestrian bridge over the freeway, and caught the light rail train at Hazel Avenue Station, right as it came by.

Back to town, I had a shower and changed into shorts. Downloading my photos, I worked on them for awhile, then headed out again, on foot, for some reading, and dining at the buffet.

Walking then some 10 miles total, I captured 160 images. I spent the $5 for the round trip fare, and about $23 for food and groceries.

I'm having a good time using my software, and creating what has never been seen. I enjoy my panoramas and image capture, and I was fortunate to have good light for today. With minimal clouds for the sunset, I spent my time at my desk working on my computer website post, and hope to bag some peaks next week, as I may have some prospects for partnering up.