LAKE NATOMA WALK August 11, 2010

Needing a break from my webwork, archiving my older photos into trip reports, and with the cooler temperatures forecast for today, I sought to use the day and do a short afternoon hike.

Leaving home after the noon hour, I took the light rail out to Hazel Avenue. I walked over to Aerojet Road to head north on the pedestrian bridge over U.S. 50. Using the restroom at Nimbus Flats, I headed back eastward to walk the bike trail, and side trails, to Old Folsom. It was sort of nice, with a slight breeze, and people enjoying and relaxing on the lakeshore. Normally, it would be hot, and most hikers would be up in the mountains, or indoors with a/c.

I started with my photography, and captured many panorama sequences. I snapped some 80 images, and took my time hiking the side trails. I kept an eye out for snakes, since rattlers live here, as I've seen. Didn't see any.

Thinking of some food when I got to Folsom, I arrived too close to the train departure time, at about 4 p.m. I deposited my quarters and got my ticket. Back to my place in 50 minutes, I had a round trip time of some 4 hours from home.

Hiking about 5 miles, I spent only the $5 for the fare, both ways. The trails were completely dry, and no bugs infested the air that I noticed. A few wildflowers were still out, and a few small animals scurried about the area. You usually get a cooler day this time of year, and I take advantage. Without driving my car anywhere, I get some exercise and photo ops.

Using my cheaper camera, I suffered some vignetting problems, and this shows up in the panoramas. This can be worked on using my software, and I like how I can edit my work, so fast and easily, thanks to the genius programmers that write up these high tech products!