FALL LAKE NATOMA WALK November 11, 2010

Free for the holiday, I used the light rail once again to ride out to Hazel Avenue Station. Starting my hike at about 11:14 a.m., I headed for the pedestrian bridge across the freeway. I began to shoot with my light camera, capturing some sights already.

Cyclists sped by, and I saw lots of joggers. It was a cooler day, with high clouds. I had two layers with jeans, but others had shorts. Using the restroom at Willow Creek parking area, people were out with their dogs. I liked the plentiful fall colors, and was enjoying this hike. I had no great rush, and doing the loop in two parts gives me time to relax. I will count the last two sets of hikes as my 27 and 28X loops, as I did the entire hike with the side trip to Hazel Avenue.

Taggers had done the old aqueduct, and also a tree. I did some panoramas, my intent being to take only pictures and leave no trace. Seagulls lay on the lake water, waiting for the coming salmon run to feast, no doubt. Some geese had flown in, settling on the lake, too.

Some puddles of water on the side trail were avoidable till I got to nearly the end, with mainly dry or damp dirt. Gnats flew about the trail, but no mosquitoes. Didn't see too many wildlife, as squirrels or rabbits.

Coming then to Historic Folsom station at about 1:30 p.m., I boarded the waiting train and rode on home.

Doing then about 5 miles with slight gain, I captured 80 images and movie clips (640 x 480 pixels, 192.6 MB). Spending the $5 round trip fare, I ate no food or drink.

Soon to begin some late fall, then winter trips, I remain with no partner. I am low on money as well, sharing gas would really help. Depending on how things go, I may stick about town or do some more road trips, as my finances will be tight, regardless.