With such fine weather and me finished up with all my post-road trip business, I sought to do something this weekend. Slowing down with only 10 miles walked about downtown the day before, I had no one to carpool, climb, or hike anything, any distance away.

Having woken up early, I tended to my computer and new toy issues, and then tried to figure what to do. Taking light rail east to Folsom, CA, I had enough of my Lake Natoma Loop. Arriving there at about 11 a.m., instead, I crossed over the old truss bridge and then headed right, upstream. I knew they had completed building a new bridge, to ease traffic congestion through Folsom. I had some sights of nature, and saw many users on bikes, today.

After about an hour of leaving the train stop, I came to the brand new road that crosses the American River. No pedestrian walkway or bike trail is on the south, or downstream, side of this bridge. One side, you had the scenic canyon of the river and Folsom Prison, and the other, the dam and ugly construction. It is a long walk, but they have built this new section of bike trail. Nice of them to do that!

Over the bridge, I then came to a look at Folsom Lake. It was not so low. All the security fences detracted from the scenery. Ascending over a hill, I came to a traffic light, and crossed over the road, following the bike trail east. It turns into a gardened thruway past a subdivision, with decorative planting. I knew I would make a loop, but had no map to tell me which way to go exactly.

Walking further along East Natoma Boulevard, there were malls and fast food places. I had a taco with drink to refresh me. Following then Blue Ravine Road, there was a good sidewalk, with redwoods, even, and I vaguely knew I was now making a big loop. Then coming to East Bidwell Street, I turned right again. I followed another short bike trail past a pond, and then back onto the street that I was following. Coming then to Riley Street, I read a bus sign map and saw the way to go.

Shortly back into Historic Folsom, I saw I had some time, so ordered and consumed some delightfully tasty soup. About now 4 p.m., I then caught a light rail car back into town. Aside from plenty of traffic, nothing much was happening.

Home before the evening news, I showered and got to my computer. I walked maybe 10 miles, with slight gain. I captured over 165 images, and spent $5 round trip for the mass transit, and $11 for food. With nice temperatures, I wore a pullover and long pants, carrying only a belt pack.

I'll have to look at the maps, and now figure out how to hike Carpenter Hill, the highpoint of Sacramento County, using mass transit, for another thing to do. It looks not too far using the Folsom buses, and despite the massive development, would have a nice view if you like Folsom, and the rest of the Valley, from there.