COLD CANYON LOOP 27X September 13, 2009

Ready for some conditioning, I woke up early on this weekend day, and mused on what I should do. It was a cooler day, with the local high to be under 80 degrees. At Cold Canyon Reserve, I would not see many wildflowers, and most all would be brown and dry. But, it was a chance to drive my car and hike, and for that I am eager.

Motoring to the primitive parking along CA 128, I had used a restroom enroute at the Putah Creek Access parking area. I was in no need of any drink, and started my hike by about 10:42 a.m. I signed in the trail register, the first for the day. There were a few small flowers, but I was in haste to avoid the afternoon heating.

Clambering up the trail, I shot photos of the rocks and views. I detoured to the dam overlook, as it looked like some brush had been cleared somehow. The rock scramble makes a good test for balance. I felt better than my last time, so my confidence would improve.

Topping the bump 1,475', I had my cold diet drink and rested a bit. There was a nice breeze, but I had felt still air and the rising temperature. Hiking on, I passed some hikers and continued over the bump 1,580+. All looked to be the same. Having shorts and T shirt, I was scraped by the overgrown brush, and just bore with it. The dirt trail was getting dusty, too, and I hoped the high clouds would keep things cooler.

I wondered what to do that was new for me, and I counted the minutes hopping down the wood stairs. It takes some 20 minutes from the highest step, this way, to the Homestead. Some hikers asked how far it was. I guess they don't see the many mileage markers, or have any memory from looking at the map, on the signs at the start.

A tree had fallen and blocked the short side trail to the Homestead, so I declined the effort to get exactly there. I'd hurry back to the car and drive home for other things to do this day. Getting to the primitive parking area to leave right away at 1:08 p.m., I had done my 4.75 miles with 1,500' gain. Seeing some 20 other hikers, I snapped some 77 images. It was my usual drive of 80 miles round trip.

My cap became wet from perspiration, and I had started to get uncomfortable from the warm sun. The breezes do blow, here, so I was glad that I decided to do this hike. I know from my many times how long it takes, and where the shade is. I even surmised it might rain, as the forecast from days ago. I'll be happy to do some Coast Range hikes for the coming off-season, and maybe I can get more hikers to join me, sometime.