Tired of waiting for anybody to carpool or climb with me, I knew I had to start driving my car. It sat for most of the winter, and I'd think it'd go to waste to not be driven. I'm paying for insurance and maintenance, regardless of how much I use it. This also was a good test run for my planned two road trips, before summer arrives.

Motoring quickly up Interstate 80, the roads and weather were clear and pleasant. Plenty of traffic, though on this weekend. Slow on the hills, my fuel efficiency paid off with close to 40 mpg overall, with then only some 7.5 gallons used for the 285 miles, round trip. Making my usual photo stop at Yuba Gap, I had views of the peaks, including Old Man Mountain (7,789'). Castle Peak's summit turret was clear of any ice or snow. Lots of snow on the slopes about Donner Summit, and I wished to stop for more photos.

Shopping at my favorite, environmentally friendly, clothing outlet, I saved about $100, picking discounted items that will make nice outerwear for the spring. More than offsetting the $26 I'd spend for gas.

I hiked up the nearby hill along the Truckee River, from the park at the end of Woodland Drive. The snow is melting, and Peavine Peak is largely free of any snow to impede any hiking. The subdivisions looked so inviting to live in, with the clusters of homes. Reno is a growing city, and though there are attempts at halting the sprawl, someday, this town may be as big as Las Vegas.

Motoring over along McCarran, I shortly came to the Huffaker Hills Trailhead. Hiking the Twin Peaks, I saw little new work on the trails. Some wildflowers bloomed, and I shot a few close-ups. Some other hikers sat on the summit, and they left as I topped out. The view of Mt. Rose (10,776') was clear enough, and maybe someday, I'll ski it again.

Back to my car, I saw what was new on South Virginia, then came to the downtown area. Parking at a garage, I went into the main casino complex and sought to have some food and drink. A billboard advertised a potential win of a Prius, but I saw only larger cars. The 25 cent slots I sat down to play didn't take quarters anymore. I had a hamburger, and shortly left. There were plenty of people gaming, and the tables were full.

Headed westbound on 80, I figured to do another hike. I parked then in Truckee, CA, and strolled along the main street. There are new names for some of the shops, and I had a power drink. Someday again, maybe I'll dine here.

I made another photo stop, then came to Old Town Auburn. It was pretty quiet, and I snapped a few more photos. I recalled the nice, friendly, dining experience when our ski and hiking groups would stop after our activities. Seems that's all gone, with the club policy, now. I wondered whether to wait for magic hour, but chose to head home. I got some vegetables at a buffet, and came home at an early hour.

I hiked maybe 3 miles, with perhaps several hundred feet of gain. My gas for this trip was all had at 3.499. I shot 266 images and movie clips.

No bugs, and only a few wildflowers. Wearing only one medium layer with a shell parka and LW top, I wore no additional bottoms under my long pants. I brought my old, worn out boots, saving my new ones from wear on such an unimportant, two short hikes.

Hoping to make another few trips, this spring, I'll watch the weather for the Pacific Northwest. It's getting too warm for the Desert, and I like new things. Having such a nice time up in Oregon, in April, 2004, and May, 2006, I hope to accomplish a few more, Earth-friendlier, been there, done that's!