Rain was forecast for most of the day, so I didn't make any great plans. I walked out to the Riverfront, and noted the high water. The bike trail was still blocked by a small pool of water at the "I" Street Bridge. So, I was unable to do my usual, long, Parkway hikes, without using an alternate route. The bike trail may be flooded elsewhere on, too.

In the mid-afternoon, I opted to drive out, and see my favorite local spot, the Fair Oaks Bluffs. The grass was tall and green, and I hiked up to the overhanging oak. It was still there! After these bouts of rain, it may never fall over. I shot several photos, then hiked down to the Old Fair Oaks Bridge. Dark clouds made for some drama, and rain was seen in the distance.

Hiking west on the bike trail, I came to the Sunrise Avenue Access pedestrian bridge. The water was flowing fast underneath. I took several photos, none that great, and spoke with another bystander. I like dark clouds in the distance, and did some movie clips of the reflected sun, with the rushing waters of the river. Hiking back to the top of the bluffs, I shot a few more photos.

It wasn't late enough to head home. I took U.S. 50 to El Dorado Hills, CA, and motored up to Kalithea Park. This granted me an unusual setting, the new town of Folsom, below, and the dramatic sky. It would be nice to have a powerful telephoto lens, to capture the distant, but clearly seen, highrises of downtown. I did three sequences of photos, to catch the vista of the recent development, and the incoming storm. This is a nice spot.

Soon, I settled on heading for home. It was still two hours to wait for any sunset. I had stopped at a new, nearby, outlet for outdoor gear, beforehand, to check the selection. I am due for some new hiking boots. Using maybe 30 pairs during my career, I try not to spend much. Can you believe I got my first, few, light pairs for about $20? I checked on a new book to see my donated photo, and how it came out. I was pleased. The mountains are a beautiful place, and I'm glad to help out, gratis, in any such publishing efforts.

Getting some rain on the drive home, I worked on loading the photos, then thought there might be a good sunset coming. I rushed over to the Riverwalk, again today, but there was no good color. The air is too clear for really red sunsets.

I hiked about a mile, and drove maybe 60 miles. I shot 123 images and movie clips. I wore only two light layers under my parka, as it was a bit cool in places.

Many Californians refuse warm, non-binding clothes, to get outdoors, so most do not hike during the winter and early spring. They are sometimes expensive, but I get clothing warm enough to sleep in the snow, at a low price, shopping as I do, out in Reno, NV.

If this near continuous precip comes to a halt, I will quickly get out and climb some more peaks. I have some lined up, as soon as the weather allows for the photography.