TRYON PEAK (9,970') CLASS 1-2

Location: 2 miles SE of Ebbetts Pass


Drive: Take Highway 4 to the Ebbetts Pass area, with the signed "Pacific Crest Trailhead Parking" lot just east of the pass. Drive up the short gravel road southward, and park. Facilities are located here.

Climb: Follow the Pacific Crest Trail south. In a few hundred yards, come to a post and follow the arrows left (southward) for the "PCT." The trail climbs a bit, then drops into the head of Noble Canyon. It descends to roughly 8,400 feet elevation, with many dips. Head straight (right) at the junction with the posted Noble Canyon Trail. Begin to climb upwards and the scenery gets good. Reach Noble Lake, and its two ponds. Continue upwards, and come to a sign, "Tryon Peak 9950." This points out the peak to the right (southwest). Continue up on the PCT, and pass a junction with the posted "Bull Canyon" trail. Go straight (right), following the PCT. Come to a pass with a barbed wire fence to get through. Leave the trail at this point. You may head up west, cross-country, either up the rocky slopes, or to the left (south) of the fence. Some use trails might be found through the rocky slopes. Quickly top out on a wide, open plateau, and the rocky summit will be to the northwest. Ducks may lead the way. A semblance of a scree trail goes slightly to the right, and this soon tops out on the big rounded summit.

WINTER SKI ASCENT: It will be dangerous to traverse the PCT with avalanche conditions. Perhaps coming up the Highland Lakes Road is a more direct approach from the west, say Bear Valley. This will be quite the long tour.

TRIP STATS: Route A, 1,800' gain, with an additional 600' gain on the return, 6 miles one way; winter ski ascent, maybe 20 miles one way from Bear Valley, with maybe 4,000' gain, with another 1,000' gain on the return.

Notes: A good view of Highland and Silver Peaks is had from the top.

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