Location: 5 miles WSW of Sweetwater Summit, NV 338, or 10 miles ESE of Walker, CA

Drive: Take U.S. 395 to the dirt road signed "031" and "Lobdell Lake 8," which is 2.1 miles south from Sonora Pass (Highway 108) Junction. Set odometer here. Use a good 2WD or better. Proceed up the main, wide dirt road to 4.4 miles and take the turnoff to the right, marked by a sign "067." Follow this bumpy road, ignoring several spurs, crossing about 4 streams. Pass under the levee and come to Lobdell Lake and a fork 6.3 miles past the turnoff. Go right on "115," and shortly park. 4WD vehicles can go further.
Climb: Head along the left fork at the parking near Lobdell Lake, going around the left (west) side of the reservoir. Head down (north) a 4WD road signed "067" that descends past Sheeles Camp. Most 4WDs will park about here. After about 2.5 miles from the start, come to the East Fork. Turn right (east) up the East Fork on use trails meandering along the creek, crossing shortly to the left (north) side. Follow the creek to a gentle drainage/slope to the north before the creek swings to the right (south). Leave the creek and work left (northeast) cross-country through sage and aspen groves to a saddle southeast of Pk. 9,777'. The summit mass is visible from here as the big, light-colored bump. Traverse northeast to gain one of many possible routes to the south ridge of the peak. Some jeep tracks may be walked on this last stretch before ascending to the main, south ridge. Climb up to the ridge, then follow it left (north) to the top. Trail bikes have been ridden up to these points, causing unsightly tracks.

WINTER SKI ASCENT: See Desert Creek Peak, Winter Ski Ascent.

TRIP STATS: Route A, 2,600-2,700 feet gain with an additional 400-500 feet gain on the return, 6-7 miles one way.

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