Location: 2 miles N of Cisco Grove, CA

Drive: See Old Man Mountain, Route A, Drive. Take the Fordyce Lake Road. About a mile from the paved frontage road, find a jeep road that heads up and left (west). Park off the road.
Climb: Hike up the steep, jeep road which climbs several hundred feet to a saddle where a trail heads right (north) and up toward the peak. Climb on this use trail up the peak's southwest ridge past the old Southern Pacific lookout structure, and then along the main ridge to the summit, atop of which a large communications facility is situated.

WINTER SKI ASCENT: When the area receives sufficient snow cover, follow Route A to the top. The Fordyce Lakes Road, of course, is not plowed.

TRIP STATS: 1,800 feet gain, 1.5 miles one way; winter ski ascent, 400 feet additional gain, one extra mile each way.

Notes: The old lookout structure commands a great view of I-80 and the railroad tracks to the south. In dry winters, the south-facing slopes are sometimes fairly free of snow, allowing an easy winter climb.
There is a private road that leaves the Fordyce Lake Road a few miles further, and probably leads to the top. If one just wishes to reach the top by any means, this may be the easiest way by far.

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