Location: 3.25 miles ESE from Pacific Grade Summit


Drive: Same as Lookout Peak, Route A, Drive.

Climb: Follow the signed, "Rough 4WD Rd" southward from Pacific Valley Trailhead. In a mile or so, come to a board and a trail junction. Follow the left trail signed, "Milk Ranch Trail," over the creek. Proceed up to a point, past the small creek crossing, after about a mile and a half. Head cross country, ascending along Marshall Canyon, through forests. Aim eastnortheast for the high saddle marked "Willow Flat" on the maps. Gaining this high, open plateau, head southeast, traversing the small hills, and climb to either side of the summit bump. The north side is a bit easier. Some class 2 may await you on the last hundred feet or so.


Drive: Same as Lookout Peak, Route A, Drive.

Climb: See Peepsight Peak, Route A, Climb. Continue along the Milk Ranch Trail, instead of heading cross country eastnortheast up Marshall Canyon. Come to a wide forested saddle, and then to a signed trail fork. Take the left, upper trail, and climb and contour around to the south side of Peepsight Peak. Just before the trail goes into a small ridge with white granite rocks, head cross-country north up a steep, broad, rubbly gully. This will be the gentlest looking way up this side of the peak. You will see some spectacular pinnacles to your left. Turn right near its top, and if correct, you will be 100 feet below, on the left (southwest) side of the summit bump, at a pass on the main ridge. Climb the short class 2 rock to the top.

WINTER SKI ASCENT: Route A from Bear Valley would be the way to go.

STATS: Route A, 2,100' gain, 4 miles one-way; Route B, 2,200' gain, with 100' additional gain on the return, 4.5 miles one-way; winter ski ascent, about 1,000 feet extra gain, with at least 500' gain on the return, 11 miles extra one way from Bear Valley.

Notes: On the older 15' topos, the peak is indicated as another Lookout Peak. Some alignment of the map edges may have created some confusion. The large arch forming the "Peepsight" appears to the right of the summit when viewed from the lower slopes of Henry Peak to the southwest.

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