Location: 14 miles NNW of Bridgeport, CA

Drive: See South Sister, Route A, Drive. Proceed to Lobdell Lake. Here, go right on the fork "115," and shortly park.
Climb: Take the dirt road north to a fork after 0.2 mile. Go left across the dam and at its end, contour 100 feet to a road headed downstream on the left (northwest) side of Desert Creek. A barbed wire fence will be on your right. Go 0.5 mile down the road to cross the creek, coming to a flat, sagey meadow. Go right on the main track, marked by a signpost "115" and signs, "designated route." Climb on the dirt road. Good 4WD vehicles could make it to here. Cross two small ridges. The road continues, switchbacking up to a large plateau. Patterson is the light colored massif straight ahead to the east. Follow the jeep track to the vicinity of the top.

WINTER SKI ASCENT: See Desert Creek Peak, Winter Ski Ascent. A long approach from the Swauger Creek Road (see Wheeler Peak, Route B Drive) is possible with lots of snowfall.

TRIP STATS: Route A, 2,500 feet gain, 4-5 miles one way.

Notes: Mt. Patterson is the high point of the Sweetwater Mountains. Along with the Sisters and Mt. Wheeler, this is a desert range distinct from the Sierra.
Mt. Patterson is counted on the Desert Peaks Section (DPS), Angeles Chapter, Sierra Club, list. All five of the major Sweetwater peaks were reportedly traversed in one day by two members of the DPS.

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