Location: 3 miles SSW of Sonora Pass

Drive: Take Highway 108 to the developed, paved, parking and picnic area 0.1 mile west of the sign, "Sonora Pass." A restroom is located here. One may also park on the shoulder near the pass.
Climb: Take the use trail from the developed parking area a few hundred feet to Sonora Pass. Cross the highway and take the signed PCT that heads south, climbing up the trail a short way to the "Welcome" board where the trail descends briefly. One may either continue on the PCT, or head right up a steep, slippery, class 2 use trail which heads straight up the ridge and re-intersects the PCT after it makes a long switchback. This shortcut saves maybe a half-mile of hiking. About 500 feet higher, where the two trails connect, the PCT takes a long traverse along the west side of the crest. The peak becomes apparent here as the high, dome-shaped mass ahead on the left, far skyline to the right of the Sierra Crest, with its steep chutes, permanent snowfields, and cliffs on its north side. After crossing to the east side of the Sierra Crest, the trail drops about 100 feet, and then climbs back up to a saddle. The trail contours above Latopie Lake, and begins to climb up to the east ridge of the peak. Head cross-country right (west) to locate a good use trail which follows the east ridge up to the left (south) of the summit, and then shortly right (north) to the summit plateau. The highpoint is indistinct; look for a small cairn and register.

WINTER SKI ASCENT: See Stanislaus Peak, Winter Ski Ascent.

TRIP STATS: Route A, 2,200 feet gain with an additional 200 feet gain on the return, 5 miles one way.

Notes: Another possible route to climb the peak ascends from Leavitt Lake, which is reached by a 4WD road from Highway 108. A trail ascends to the PCT which is then followed north to intersect Route A at the east ridge of the peak.
In the spring, when the highway is opened, a classic ski run can be made from the summit. Ski down the large bowl to the west of the highpoint into the Blue Canyon drainage, hitting Highway 108 at about the 8,500 foot elevation, just after crossing a large creek. There are some hairpin turns on the highway here, with shoulders on the north side to park on, near the embankment above the creek.

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