Location: 7 miles SSE of Stateline, NV

Drive: See Freel Peak, Route A, Drive. From the second bridge at 3.4 miles from Highway 89, go straight ahead on the main road, following the posts "051." At a junction at 4.1 miles, go left. In 0.5 mile more, come to a large dirt circle and the end of this spur road. Park.
Climb: Hike cross-country north up to the saddle on the main ridge just east of Freel Peak. Follow use trails right (east, then northeast) to the top.

Drive: Same as Freel Peak, Route B, Drive.
Climb: See Freel Peak, Route B, Climb. From the Jobs Sister-Freel Peak saddle, which can be reached by descending the east side of Freel Peak, head left (east, then northeast) along use trails on the north side of the main ridge, then climb up to the summit.

WINTER SKI ASCENT: Routes A or B will work. The road "051" makes an easy, less-frequented, ski tour in itself.

TRIP STATS: Route A, 2,500 feet gain, 1.5 miles one way; Route B, 4,500 feet gain, 8-9 miles one way; winter ski ascent, Route A, 800 feet additional gain, 5 miles extra one way; Route B, same.

Notes: See Freel Peak, Notes.

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