JOBS PEAK (10,633') CLASS 2

Location: 8 miles SE of Stateline, NV

Drive: From the Freel Peak parking (for the TRT at Armstrong Pass) along Road 051, continue on the main road, and in about a half mile, come to a three way fork. Turn left and leave the main road 051. Continue past a less used side road to the left, and then in a fraction of a mile, come to another side road and turn left. This junction is marked with large dead tree trunks stacked in a pile. Take this side road up as far as you wish, as it goes further only a quarter mile or so, and parking is haphazard. None of these latter side roads are signed or marked in any way.
Climb: From what dirt parking along the side road, head along the road further, which leads into an unsigned but visible use trail. This first heads east, and sidehills and climbs up the ridge southwest of the main crest. This trail passes the peak 10,480+ on its left (northwest) side. Cross over the Carson Range Crest. Sandy use trails lead along the left (northwest) side of the ridge that heads over to Jobs Peak, which juts out northeast over the Carson Valley. A 20 foot, class 2 scramble is needed to reach the highpoint.

WINTER SKI ASCENT: Route A seems the best approach. A remote snow camp can be made in the vicinity of Horse Meadow.

TRIP STATS: Route A, 2,300 feet gain, 3 miles one way; winter ski ascent, add 800 feet gain, 5 miles one way.

Notes: See Freel Peak, Notes. A route from the south starting at Horsethief Canyon (see Wade) trailhead is available for a 4,000 feet gain, 14 mile round trip sand slog.

There is some indication that a new trail will be built starting from the Carson Valley. As of May 25, 2002, the Faye-Luther Trail (starting elevation 4,800 feet) runs to some 8,000 feet elevation. A very rough, highly unadvisable route heads up north from the end of this trail. Thick brush, cliffs, and steep terrain appear to be necessary to climb over on the way to the crest ridge. Few, if any, hikers will succeed.

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