Location: 3 miles E of Ebbetts Pass

Drive: See Raymond Peak, Route B, Drive. Take Highway 4 to the PCT South parking lot and park.
Climb: Follow the PCT south about 4 miles to almost Nobel Lake. At a stream crossing above the east side of the lake, a use trail begins and heads up northeast. Pass another lake and come to a forested area, with cliffs above to the southeast. Head eastnortheast, cross a small, 50-100 foot ridge, and, if you can, pick up a use trail that follows the right (south) side of the large bowl and leads to a saddle at elevation 9,460+ feet, which is 0.5 mile eastnortheast of Nobel Lake. Follow the main ridge left (northeast) generally on the right (southeast) side to ascend to the top of a major false summit (Pk. 10,800+). It is possible, and highly advisable, to follow a faint use trail all this way. Continue to follow the rocky, class 2 ridge to Highland Peak, dropping down to 10,560' elevation. A good route crosses over briefly to the left (west) side just before the low saddle, avoiding a short drop-off. From the saddle, climb the final, rocky stretch up to the peak, staying slightly on the right (southeast) side of the ridge, and around to the right of a smaller false summit near the top.

Drive: See Silver Peak, Route A, Drive.
Climb: See Silver Peak, Route A, Climb. From the 10,000 elevation saddle between the two peaks, go right (southsoutheast) to scramble past some crags and loose, rocky slopes to the summit of Highland Peak.

WINTER SKI ASCENT: See Silver Peak, Winter Ski Ascent.

TRIP STATS: Route A, 3,300 feet gain with an additional 900 feet gain on the return, 7 miles one way, Route B, 3,800 feet gain, 6 miles one way.

Notes: See Silver Peak, Notes. Highland Peak is one of my favorite ascents, having climbed it seven times. The view is outstanding, with much of the Carson-Iceberg Wilderness visible.

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