Location: 3.5 miles SE of Pacific Grade Summit

Drive: Same as Lookout Peak, Route A, Drive.
Climb: See Lookout Peak, Route A, Climb. Follow the 4WD road, and from the signed trailhead, take the signed "Spicer Meadow Trail" straight ahead. Ascend on the trail roughly southsoutheast up along Pacific Creek to a saddle with a sign, "Carson-Iceberg Wilderness." Leave the main trail here, and head cross-country right (southsouthwest). Routes will go to either side of the rocks to the right of this sign. Eventually find and follow a use trail into a scree couloir on the northnortheast side of the peak. Turn right at the top of this scree couloir and walk the short distance to the highpoint.
Henry Peak is done from the saddle with the sign "Carson-Iceberg Wilderness" by proceeding left (northeast) cross-country, angling through the trees. The highpoint is at the end of the ridge on the edge of a small band of cliffs.

WINTER SKI ASCENT: An approach from Bear Valley to the west using Route A would be the way to go.

TRIP STATS: Route A, 1,900 feet gain for Bullrun, with an additional 400 feet gain for Henry, 3.5 miles one way for Bullrun, with an additional 0.7 miles one way for Henry; winter ski ascent, about 1,000 feet extra gain, with at least 500' gain on the return, 11 miles extra one way from Bear Valley.

Notes: See Lookout Peak, Notes.

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