Location: 13 miles NE of La Porte, CA

Drive: From the relatively major dirt road junction of N.F. 900 and unsigned N.F. 10 (see Mt. Fillmore, Route A, Drive), go left. About 4 miles from leaving the paved highway, this junction is marked by a cabin signed "Sawmill Ridge," and a sign "NF 900." Set your odometer here. There may be a sign to "Bunker Hill Mine 3 Turkey Town Mine 6 1/2 Harrison Flat 9 Pacific Crest Trail 1 1/2." At 1.4 miles, ignore the spur road to the right. At 1.5 miles, ignore the spur road to the left. At 1.6 miles, come to the signed Pacific Crest Trailhead, and proceed past it. At 1.9 miles, ignore the road to the left signed, "Pilot Peak 2 1/2." At 2.7 miles, ignore spurs to the right, and then left. At 2.9 miles, ignore the spur to the right. At 3.0 miles, come to a sign, "Bunker Hill Mine." Go ahead to 4.5 miles, and ignore the spur to the left with a post "22 19 MP 00," and take the road posted "23 10 MP 43." Cross two bridges, then at 6.5 miles come to a sign, "Turkey Town Mine." At 7.5 miles, go right off the main road, steeply up a rough spur road with signs "Road Ends 2," and post "22 38Y MP 00." After 0.5 mile further, go right at a fork, and then, after 0.8 mile, park at the saddle at 5,400 feet elevation. A high clearance or 4WD vehicle could proceed to encounter big rocks and high "water bars" for another 1.5 miles.
Climb: From the saddle at 5,400' elevation, proceed about 1 mile up the dirt road where the road switchbacks to the right (west). Continue about 0.5 mile to a very steep, poor, logging road going up left. Follow this up as far as it goes, or simply climb up cross-country through heavy, dense timber on the northeast ridge of the peak. After some minor, brushy, steep hillside, go over a false summit, then onto the rocky, open summit.

WINTER SKI ASCENT: See Mt. Fillmore, Winter Ski Ascent. The Route A approach would serve to get one close to the peak, but, instead of following the route all the way, from about "Turkey Town Mine," one might veer steeply up the hillside directly in front of you at this point, climbing very steeply up to gain the visible summit ridge, and onto the highpoint. Again, this would be a very long approach, probably requiring much more than a day trip.

TRIP STATS: Route A, 1,800 feet gain, 2 miles one way.

Notes: See Mt. Fillmore, Notes. About a 1.5 hour drive is required to travel between the Mt. Fillmore trailhead and the Blue Nose Mountain trailhead. This peak overlooks much of the once proposed "Blue Nose Wilderness." Heavy logging has occurred in this area. The Pacific Crest Trail runs through this area and could serve as another scenic hike. Pilot Peak (7,457') may make an easier hike, as a 4WD road goes closely to its presently hazardous (August, 2011) lookout on top.

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