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North of Interstate 80
ADAMS PEAK dirt roads, private land, brushy cross country
MT. FILLMORE rough dirt roads, use trail to top
BLUE NOSE MOUNTAIN dirt roads, navigation, dense forest
EUREKA PEAK State Park, trail to near top
MT. ELWELL short dirt road approach, easy trail to near top
HASKELL PEAK good dirt road, trail to top
SIERRA BUTTES mostly paved road, short trail to lookout on top, exciting staircase
ENGLISH MOUNTAIN rough roads, lots of cross-country
MT. LOLA dirt road, moderate trail to top
BLACK BUTTES rough road, trail to nearby lake
OLD MAN MOUNTAIN rough road, mostly no trail, lots of brush
SIGNAL PEAK dirt road/trail to top
BASIN PEAK PCT, longer hike on mostly trail
CASTLE PEAK trailhead along Interstate, use trail to near top, class 3
South of Interstate 80 and North of Highway 50
DEVILS PEAK rough road, no trail, easy class 3
DONNER PEAK PCT trailhead, good trail, then short class 2, navigation
MT. JUDAH easy trail to top
ANDERSON PEAK PCT to near top, some loose class 1-2
TINKER KNOB long hike, PCT to near top, easy short class 2
GRANITE CHIEF longer trail/use trail to top
NEEDLE PEAK long hike with lots of cross country, navigation, easier than it looks
LYON PEAK good navigation necessary, long off-trail hike, or bad road from west
MT. MILDRED remote peak, long trail hike, cross country to top
TWIN PEAKS near TRT, good trail most of the way, some class 2 talus
ELLIS PEAK good shorter trail, OHV use
RUBICON PEAK paved trailhead, use trail to near top
PHIPPS PEAK long hike mostly on trail, some short cross-country
MT. TALLAC paved trailheads, trail to top, long hike with plenty of gain
DICKS PEAK trail to nearby Dicks Pass, some scrambling
JACKS PEAK remote peak, long hike, well off trail
TELLS PEAK faint trail to top, good navigation required
RED PEAK long hike, navigation necessary, no trail to top
SILVER PEAK good navigation required, moderate hike, some on trail, brush
MCCONNELL PEAK good navigation required, faint approach trail, class 2-3 to top
MT. PRICE good trail to nearby lake, lots of scrambling from there
PYRAMID PEAK popular peak, some use trail, obvious to summit
RALSTON PEAK moderate trail/use trail to top
ECHO PEAK easy with trail to near top
MT. ROSE paved trailhead, popular peak, good trail to top
SNOW VALLEY PEAK dirt roads, trail to top
South of Highway 50 and North of Highway 88
DUANE BLISS PEAK TRT approach, fair cross-country gain
GENOA PEAK dirt road approach, short use trail to top
FREEL PEAK rough road from south, TRT approach, official trail to the top
JOBS SISTER easy from Freel Peak, with cross-country/use trail
JOBS PEAK rough road approach, navigation to find good use trail
WADE long hike, with mostly cross-country
MT. COMO mostly 4WD approach, long use trail
MT. SIEGEL mostly 4WD approach, navigation necessary, easy trail-less hike once there
THOMPSON PEAK straight up from Hwy. 88, no trail
WATERHOUSE PEAK cross-country forest hike right from paved highway
STEVENS PEAK dirt road approach, some scrambling
RED LAKE PEAK use trail from Hwy. 88, class 3 at top
South of Highway 88 and North of Highway 4
ROUND TOP popular fee trailhead on paved highway, popular peak, mostly trail/usetrail to top, scary class 3 for beginners
HAWKINS PEAK rough road, mostly use trail to top, some rocks
MARKLEEVILLE PEAK dirt road approach, no trail
DA-EK DOW GO-ET MOUNTAIN dirt road, easy short hiking approach, class 4
THE NIPPLE off PCT, some easy cross-country, no trail, to top
THUNDER MOUNTAIN dirt trailhead along paved highway, good popular trail to near top
THIMBLE PEAK navigation required, no trail, class 4 summit crag
MOKELUMNE PEAK remote peak, long hike, some trail
RAYMOND PEAK dirt road approach, off PCT, no trail to top
REYNOLDS PEAK dirt road approach, good navigation required, no trail and class 3 at top
South of Highway 4 and North of Highway 108
SILVER PEAK paved trailhead, remote peak, mostly no trail, lots of gain
HIGHLAND PEAK paved official trailhead, PCT, some use trail to near the top
TRYON PEAK off PCT, short cross-country
LOOKOUT PEAK short dirt road approach, plenty of cross-country, navigation required
BULLRUN PEAK short dirt road approach, mostly trail, some route-finding
HENRY PEAK short dirt road approach, mostly trail, some easy navigation
PEEPSIGHT PEAK short dirt road approach, good navigation necessary, with some trail
FISH VALLEY PEAK remote peak, rough road approach, lots of cross-country travel required with good navigation
ANTELOPE PEAK remote peak, rough road approach, lots of off-trail travel with good navigation required
WHITECLIFF PEAK remote peak, rough road approach, good navigation on long trails/cross-country required
LOST CANNON PEAK dirt road approach, no trail, shorter climb
WHITE MOUNTAIN dirt road approach, mostly no trail
WELLS PEAK dirt road approach, some trail with cross-country
STANISLAUS PEAK paved highway approach, long use trail with class 2 near top
SONORA PEAK paved highway approach, PCT, use trail to top or near top
DISASTER PEAK paved road approach, long trail to near top
South of Highway 108 and Sweetwater Range
LEAVITT PEAK from paved highway, PCT, some use trail to top
BLACKHAWK MOUNTAIN paved resort road approach, long approach trail (T-Y Trail), good navigation required, then moderate scramble
DESERT CREEK PEAK bad approach road, no trail
MIDDLE SISTER dirt approach road, good navigation required, some use trail
EAST SISTER dirt approach road, no trail
SOUTH SISTER long dirt approach road, no trail after awhile
MT. PATTERSON long dirt approach road, good navigation required, old roadbed to top
WHEELER PEAK long dirt approach road, old roadbed to near top, or lots of cross-country

These brief summaries assume the easiest, or more commonly taken, route, in most cases, and are provided only as a quick reference. You should go to the specific peak guide page (click here to go back to directory) and read the route descriptions more carefully to get better details, distances, and gain. Some dirt roads can be hiked or driven, or all paved roads can be taken from other, longer, directions. By no means should any peak be attempted with these short descriptions! All hazards apply in full. No claims to accuracy or preciseness are hereby made.

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