Fiske 6X December 27, 2000

Reno Relaxing December 18-20, 2000

Incandescent Rocks December 2, 2000

Mt. St. Helena 17X November 30, 2000

Reno Hillwalking November 19-20, 2000

Reno Visit and Fall Colors October 11-12, 2000

Southern Utah Road Trip September 26 to October 3, 2000

Freel Peak 10X and Pyramid Peak 22X September 15-16, 2000

Leavitt Peak, Stanislaus Peak, and Blackhawk Mountain September 9-11, 2000

Tioga Peak, San Joaquin Ridge, Laurel Mountain, and an Onion Valley Hike August 22-26, 2000

Mt. Rose and Old Donner Pass Grand Slam 2X July 30-August 1, 2000

Mammoth Crest and Bear Creek Spire July 13-17, 2000

North Northern Sierra Peaks July 8-9, 2000

Southern Sierra Peak Bag June 24-26, 2000


All text is written from these actual activities, and all photos are taken on the actual activity, unless otherwise stated. Some simplification is necessary for the purposes of readability. Due to the time of authorship, some phrases may be written in the present tense. All references are accurate as to the stated time and date of the activity.

DISCLAIMER: In most cases, you should be a well-equipped and highly experienced hiker, climber, or wilderness skier to undertake, duplicate, or repeat these activities. Hazards and great danger, with potential loss, injury, and even death, are implicit in all wilderness travel, and also other forms of travel. Search, rescue and evacuation costs are generally the sole responsibility of the recipient.

Many or most of these images were captured, using Kodachrome 64 film, with a Nikon FM or FM2. Before April, 2001, I was working with a Rev. B iMac computer (15" screen) using a UMAX scanner and transparency adaptor. Sorry for the lesser quality, but I obtained a higher quality scanner, then digital camera, only after completing these trips. Some day I may rescan the slides, and better provide some good visual images.