HP of NVRP 134X, July 31, 2022


With such a big day on Friday the 29th, I laid in bed mostly sleeping on Saturday the 30th. To do something, I motored over to the fast food drive-thru to devour a $5 chicken nuggets meal of 20 pieces.

I was up at a fair hour on this fine Sunday, but the fast food dining was still closed at 7 a.m. I went to the nearby coffee bar to see a good frappuccino runs now over $6. To save on motoring, I went to the local park to bag the highest bump 134X. I brought up a new lid for the glass jar that serves as a new register container.

Back to my car, I now had diet soda at the fast food, gratefully now open at 8:30 a.m. Back home, it was webwork and to await a medical video call from a therapist, who hopefully will help more. My pill was giving me dry mouth, but I had been through this before. The video call came through on my phone, and she asked many questions. Setting more sessions for a series of weeks, this didn't help me as much as hiking. For a guy who has been abused in the schools by a sadistic bully practicing his karate on me, and that nobody could care less, I did pretty well for a man hated so much. Never a good girlfriend, or any friend of much, though, but people would talk to me, albeit with always a money angle.

The Club said of a peak buddy, that he attended my trips, "so he should get something." I paid then about $10 for pork fried rice and chicken chow mein, for both of us, perhaps a hundred times, but he would just say the same thing countless times. He did get tired of this, since he had to drive perhaps 20 miles round trip, so demanded a treat to a buffet which was much closer to him. We'd walk to the Chinese restaurant as it was merely blocks away from my then apartment. He also got bargain rides to distant peaks, as I'd be accused so hatefully of gouging for gas, and only once did he ever drive me to where I wanted to go. We carpooled to Reno for hiking that time, but it was wet weather, and he kept saying, "Ranch," but I wasn't interested. This person died in the early 2000's, and from this chapter which banned us peak baggers, nobody was ever interested in a peak bag, with me at least, from about then on.

To kill time, I washed the bugs and dirt off my car, and did maintenance about the home. My newer, washable, air filters require a special cleaner, so to order online or a trip to the housing store for next time.

With clouds cooling off the normally hot sunlight, I left home again by 3:30 p.m. My car temp read 103 degrees, but the weather website said 97. To East Keystone TH, only one car was parked there. Two bare topped guys hiked up the canyon, as I did my usual route to the top of Thorton Point. Clouds and a good breeze made this a tolerable hike, and my policy with a new camera case is to take fewer photos, as it's wedged mostly in my shorts pocket.

Then to the casino complex where they now serve ramen, and though I am on a budget, had to have this treat. They brought it up fast, so I tipped $5. Convenience payment is supported.

With still plenty of daylight and now cooler weather, I motored south on South Virginia, my dash cams running. To the Huffaker Hills TH, I bagged both Rattlesnake and Twin. There was thunder in the distance, and as I gained the summit, it started to sprinkle and blow. Fearful of a freak dry lightning bolt, I sauntered on back, and drank up the chilled water in my insulated canteen. This was a bigger bump bagging day, with a new restaurant treat. Like old times!