HP of NVRP 133X, July 29, 2022


I made sure to not miss this follow-up appointment with a new provider on Thursday. I see how people who don't get help do away with themselves. Prescribing me some medication that helped in my deep past, I waited for the pharmacy to fill the order. After even three hours, they told me that the pills weren't ready. I spoke with the chief pharmacist, and they advised to call before coming by. I suspect that being not such a first class citizen, I don't get good service. Almost every time I try to do business, I get delayed or refused.

I finally got my pills, and took one right away. Starting to feel better already, my mood was changing. I rested in bed, and got up at about 8:30 p.m., hungry for some dining action. I motored off to get a chicken bowl, with convenience payment.

Up real early on this Friday, I had an appointment with a therapist this morning. With most places still closed, I went to an old casino haunt, but with iced coffee beforehand. The omlette was too much for me, but I managed to get it all down and not wasted. Looking like they now serve ramen, I'll be back to try it out.

Motoring back towards home, I started to feel like my old self. I bagged the local bump 133X, but had to poop on my hike back. I did another 0.38 mile one way to bag my waste left covered with napkins, and carry it out.

Home, one of the therapists found that the government wouldn't pay for two therapists, so he cancelled his appointment. Drinking diet soda and water, I had the energy to get to webwork. My mood is now bright, looking to do things, and to get back to my former self as before last September. If I don't have another mental health collapse, I'll be doing good.

With new energy, I chose to go get a lotto ticket, as it stands now as a 1.2 billion dollar jackpot. I stood in line about Verdi for some 45 minutes, with being out in the sun good for me. Then, it was to enjoy the clouding drive up the Truckee River Canyon and the Interstate to dine lightly at the sushi joint where I used to often go. They now accept convenience payment, so I paid with my Watch. Morosing about no hiking company, it used to be that I'd offer free rides, free meals, and free lodging for peak baggers. No such persons anymore, so I'm safe with my money here.

Having to use a restroom, I stopped for chicken wings. On North McCarran, I went to the East Keystone TH to note the car said "103" degrees outside, but my Watch indicated 100. Clouds were forming, and the shadows cooled the temperatures off with a warm breeze. Atop the summit rocks, one lone mountain biker had made his way to some high rocks, but refused the true highest point. With the desert dry heat, hiking during high temperatures isn't so bad. I also have my polyester light T and shorts which wick off any moisture. With diet soda in my cooler, I had the new energy to go shopping at the supercenter, where normally I'd have headed straight home to rest in bed.

Hoping to make a further go at bigger peaks, it'll be the weekend, and maybe I'll find a friend. The thru-hikers are passing about here at this time, and I'd be happy to render some services with a free ride for 4 to Reno, and even to allow lodging in my spare rooms. Should I regain some fitness, there's plenty of time this season to bag the local peaks. Though most hikers stick to themselves, and refuse even a short chat with me. I need to print some more business cards.

Back to creating movies, I hope to allow for the sight from the Interstate of both ways going west then east. My 2014 computer is getting to be ancient, and I need more space. With a 27" monitor, I don't want to downgrade to a smaller version. Though I'm more reliant on my phone, and it seems smart to revert to social media for posting photos and movies, thus saving me expense.

Feeling like my old self again, I motored to parking at the wing fest along the main downtown street. It was magic hour, and nice pleasant temperatures. With lines and lines of people, I determined that few wing vendors, if any, supported convenience payment. I always said in the past, if the choice is 20 seconds or twenty minutes, what do they choose? I am an old tired man, and can't stand hours in line when it could be minutes to serve hundreds. With the hordes of overconsumer, obese people, I tried to shutter just the signs, which I like. Some people may wish to know what's offered at what prices, and though there's still young pretty girls attending these events, I paid the glamorous costumed Vegas showgirl models up to $20 each for a quick photo.

Over a year since I expected the new models of computers, my storage is filling up. I'm having to make room by deleting files, and it's good to have multiple hard drives to store my media.

The fall is coming shortly, and I wish for an upgrade on Mac Silicon, with options for voluminously large drives. Running to over $5,000 for what I want, saving me money is to post to social media, and forgo what presumed ancient technology. The electronics company, being disinterested in serving the old consumer base in favor of it's most profitable products, and that near nobody visits or ever comments on my website or social media sites, I'd get with it and skip to the future. The phone cameras aren't as good as my Nikons, but so it goes.